Coca cola 2 litre bottles x3 for £3 at tesco

Coca cola 2 litre bottles x3 for £3 at tesco

Found 29th Dec 2012
3 bottles of standard or diet coca cola (2litre) for £3 in tesco
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Been this price for weeks and finishes in two days!
My bad, only saw it today and couldn't find it on here, never mind
They were this price before xmas!!!
no need to shout
It only went back on Thursday
is a hot for me i dot shop there so i didnt know
But Pepsi's only 89p a bottle in my local...
2 for £2 in the tesco express stores
Finishes January 3rd going by the shelf edge sticker.
Going by last year it will then shoot up to £1.98 a bottle for a couple of months with no deals to recover their 'losses' and then we'll get back onto the 2 for £3.50, 2 for £3, 2 for £2.50 carousel again. :-(
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