Coca Cola 6 pack £1.50 instore @ Asda

Coca Cola 6 pack £1.50 instore @ Asda

LocalFound 26th Nov 2011
Coca Cola 6 pack for £1.50. Thats only 25p per can.
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inb4 coke price police
Thats the same regular price in ALDI
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Thats the same regular price in ALDI

Yeah I think its much the same in most supermarkets.
I thought all the supermarkets stopped selling 6 packs a while back, perhaps some stores still getting rid of old stock?

It's usually 8 packs (£2 in Morrisons) or 15 (£4 in Asda).

Whatever, 25p seems to be the key price for cans of Coke!
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inb4 coke price police

Yes if it goes above 25p a can someones kneecaps will have to be removed.X)
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I've never seen coca cola in Aldi?
cheap as chips
Didn't see any sign of this in my local Asda yesterday. Bought a couple of 15 packs @£4 though - close but a fraction over the magic 25p mark...
I guess this is only mainland UK?
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I guess this is only mainland UK?

Nah, I got these in Bangor Northern Ireland.

Nearly the same in co-op £3.05 BOGOF … Nearly the same in co-op £3.05 BOGOF

thats pepsi

Nah, I got these in Bangor Northern Ireland.

Coca-Cola is produced by a different company in GB and NI so perhaps the NI bottlers are still producing the 6 can packs.
Asda are doing 8 packs of pepsi for £2..
The “benchmark”/commercially fair price for infamously branded 330ml canned fizz is 6 cans for £1 or [approx] 17p per can. As it is, this is expensive by any human standard but for the “rich”/frivolous and the addicted, it is cheap due to the, “Because I can” factor, the mantra of crooks/greed and the abandoned/fear the world over.

Value is not about others, be that living or not living, value is firstly and lastly about self. How we are able to value anything because we’d managed to value our reality or otherwise. Why then is it so necessary that we are able to value on an absolute/evolutionary basis? Because value and valuation is an essential tool for one’s real progress, that of transcending from being a partial human to being a fuller/full human, Humanity being the living within those who are alive on Earth and not their living-but-dead, one’s behavioural inconsistency.

All know and realise, life is not about being alive but about being satisfiec, peaceful, and joyful, joy being the flow of [the] love [which is unconditional and not the love which expects or demands], love being the flow/experiencing of truth with truth, because it is an accumulation, having no means of sharing its essence with others other than through the purity within its desire, love. As such, wherever and whenever there is real love, there is absoluteness of truth too. Without one single exception to the despair of Control Freakism and its alterego, the Abandoned Nut.

That which is truly living, because it is innate within all, needs no assistance in delivering its essence to another, aids like “advertisement”, “dumbing-down”, addiction and even peer pressure not forgetting kontrol from absolute prostitutes like the politicos [because of their abandonment]. As such, the truth which is not “automatically and autonomously packaged” with love is not truth but a vested interest oka one’s Fame, Fortune & Immortality.

Truth might be for all but not all will be for Truth with the reality being that only a small minority will favour the Truth within and all because the price stamped across the abandoned’s forehead is unbelieveable cheap for something priceless. Talk about turning night into day, jest like zat. Many health issues are caused by feeding humans/the-living animal feed/the living-dead which is why digestion for most is about the right to jam down as much junk as possible to satisfy behavioural inconsistency and not need. As all know, zombies only come alive when the spark is applied, insanity being the ablity to price poison as something of value, the trick of magicians the world over. Especially when they are dressed in red/red themed unlike blood which is red because it is part of the living.
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