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24 x 330ml cans - Coke Zero - Clubcard Price

£6£8.5029% off
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Offer from tomorrow 19/07 at Tesco running until Sunday , showing online and will be in store (Tesco Extra / Superstores) . £6 Clubcard price for 24 cans of coke zero, 25p a can.

Please note based on previous promos may exclude NI and Tesco Express store pricing maybe higher.


24 x 330ml cans - Coke Zero £6 Clubcard price

  • Sparkling Low Calorie Soft Drink with Plant Extracts with Sweeteners.
  • A low-calorie sparkling soft drink with zero sugar and the great taste of Coca-Cola.
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is a sugar free, low-calorie soft drink with the great taste of original Coca-Cola.
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is the perfect drink for when you want all the taste of Coca‑Cola, without the sugar or calories.
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is the perfect drink for when you want all the taste of Coca‑Cola, without the sugar or calories.
  • Coke Zero Sugar is a sugar free, low calorie soft drink with the great taste of original Coca-Cola.- Zero sugar
    • - Zero Calories
    • - Contains plant extracts and sweeteners
    • - Contains a source of Phenylalanine
    • Serve ice cold for maximum refreshment.
    • Contains 24 individual 330ml cans.
    • Keep one cold in the fridge

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Price comparison below, £8.50 at Morrisons


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  1. Biddy2's avatar
    For more clarity on the Aspartame = cancer risk that people aren't forthcoming with...

    The World Health Organisation has 3 categories. Class 1 (the worst) contains things like Tobacco and Alcohol. Things known to cause cancer. Class 2A, is a probable link to cancer and includes things like red meat. Class 2B, which is where Aspartame has been categorised, is a possible risk of cancer. In the same category is Aloe Vera and pickled vegetables.

    In a 70kg adult, they would need to drink roughly 14 cans a day to be at risk. Who is managing this, seriously? In a 10 year old child at around 32kg, they'd need to drink 6 cans a day. Which is more doable, but again, who is letting their children drink 2 litres of Coke Zero a day?! Very few people I imagine.

    These limits have not changed since the 80s. WHO was satisfied with these reported levels again in their report. So ignore all the alarmist reactions to this news. Coke Zero (and other aspartame based drinks) are perfectly safe.

    Oh and heated OP. (edited)
    paulvandyk's avatar
    Just wanted to add that aspartame is also in food (for example protein shakes), so depending what you eat and drink you might be closer to these limits. But saying this I enjoy vodka and coke time to time
  2. rsb's avatar
    Aspartame content, risk of cancer, consume responsibily
    1985ak47's avatar
    Keep yourself down to 7 cans a day you’ll be fine
  3. flintstone's avatar
    they've been doing 2 x 12 packs in my local tesco (Belfast) for this last two weeks for £6, both Diet and Zero

    Wonder was the offer we had only in Northern Ireland
    fallout51's avatar
    It'll be available in NI as well. I just checked
  4. cbflazaro's avatar
    Half the people pointing aspartame probably smoke and snort a bump on weekend
    Lokomokos's avatar
    Snorting bumps is bad for you now too??
  5. angelking's avatar
    I think Lidl have the same for £5.99
    Alarae's avatar
    Lidl was for 18 cans when I bought last week (unless it’s changed). 
  6. SemajNildnac's avatar
    Only 3 crates allowed online
    50608917-3M36J.jpg (edited)
    DayDreamer121's avatar
    Hello this online only?
  7. Chosen's avatar
    Bought a pack of 10 for £2 from the Company Shop on Monday but it has a short expiry date - end of the month.
  8. Bigga's avatar
    I wish tesco would bring back caffeine free coke zero cans.
    shivato's avatar
  9. aturner123's avatar
    Theyl whack them back up to £12 on next Monday which is just disgusting tbh for sugar free drinks.
  10. Optom's avatar
    Bought it 2 days ago full price. May buy and return on old receipt if I can find it. £2.50 saving is 250 pennies saved.
    adil171's avatar
    And 250 seconds wasted
  11. LiGhTfasT's avatar
    I've always tried to avoid aspartame but now it's official I'm not going to be buying bulk drinks with it in anymore. Hopefully they change the recipe.
    mrT786's avatar
    Same. Not going to bin it all but defo limit it as much as possible. Hopefully, drop in sales means they change the ingredients.
  12. pmaker's avatar
    Yum Yum Aspartame
  13. lord_trumpington's avatar
    Thanks OP. Thats my Amazon order for 24 x diet cokes from early June that still hasn't arrived cancelled
    mrTea67's avatar
    Their probably waiting for the suppliers price to drop,seems their not making too much money at the moment !!
  14. Connor_Wattam's avatar
    Guessing giving all the aspartame comments, there's been something on the TV that loads of people have watched, barely took in and are now anti Coke Zero and other similar drinks?

    You'd have to drink a lot of cans within a day, literally 15+ to be affected..
    anthony69's avatar
    Really if you took in everything you saw on TV you'd be afraid to step outside your front door. Everything has its risks. Some we know about some we don't. The risk from this is only applicable if you are drinking over 10 cans a day. Stay below that and the risks are very small apparently.
  15. Sociable7's avatar
    Don't 6 cans a day give you cancer. Love how they scare us but with alcohol that literally is killing you, they promote it like mad.
    ancestral_aston's avatar
    Alcohol, tobacco and processed meats are class one carcinogens but only the cigarettes are labelled with a health warning. I don't know anyone that has 6 cans a day.
  16. Andrew11's avatar
    Thanks for the heads up I'll check my local Tesco tomorrow
  17. The2Time's avatar
    Strange they're using a 250ml coke zero can with 330ml written on it.
  18. 666FU's avatar
    When you take away alcohol duty beer is actually cheaper per litre than this.

    Sad, sad times we live in!
    ahenners's avatar
    How do I buy beer from Tesco without paying the alcohol duty?
  19. Glitchme2019's avatar
    This is £9 in local Tesco at clubcard price
    VikrantK's avatar
    That must be Tesco Express. This offer is only at Tesco Extra and Tesco Superstores.
  20. NeoDoug1's avatar
    Asda are doing 30 can packs for £7...
  21. Mr_Troy's avatar
  22. TCMoneyy's avatar
    2 different people posted same deal @ exact same time
  23. Muyhee's avatar
    It's not a fiver like the last coke zero deal but it's great timing for my up coming barbie. Cheers, OP (edited)
    Andrew11's avatar
    Fax Ima watch it sneak a couple of cans in
  24. david_robinson94's avatar
    Always Coke Zero and not Diet Coke. Oh well, the Mrs will be happy.
    Mary_Mary's avatar
    Or Pepsi Max
  25. pauledwardking1's avatar
    Good price, you can get 30 cans of Coke Zero or Diet Coke at Food Warehouse for same price by buying 3 packs of 10 at £2 each. The one nearest me is Renfrew. Sure there are more around (edited)
  26. vt_yo's avatar
    They would never let you live without carbonated water.
  27. happymale777's avatar
    I didn't know the can design had changed.
    Cans are thinner and taller now, it seems.
    The2Time's avatar
    No, thats the wrong size can. It's a 250ml can with 330ml written on it. It's quite odd.
  28. mr_johnsie's avatar
    Is this as good for cleaning toilets as the sugary one?
    donkeyoaty's avatar
  29. SqueakySquid's avatar
    Only Coke Zero, not Pepsi Max?
  30. 1616french's avatar
    It's really crap that my nearest Tesco is 8.1 miles away for collection 😡 (edited)
    mbg77's avatar
    One extreme to the other, I have 6 within 2 miles!
  31. twinkle.eyes's avatar
    Bought some today happy days
  32. nutbolt's avatar
    Bad news is good news to punt these cheap.
  33. 1616french's avatar
    Ordered 3 packs for collection tomorrow teatime.
    Ordered a few more items to make the 8.1 mile trip worthwhile.
  34. alfiewalfie's avatar
    If you're a company shop member they had 24 cans for £4.00 on the coke zero and diet coke 10 cans for £2.00
  35. stuartie94's avatar
    Available in Northern Ireland
  36. kidrock123's avatar
    No stock in store near me or online
  37. iSam's avatar
    Loads available in Tesco Sidcup
  38. Ollobob1's avatar
    Not keen on the aspartame angle but mainly find diet drinks rank. (edited)
  39. Ruth.Renata's avatar
    £6 for 24 cans = 25p per can

    slightly cheaper option
    costco sell the 30 cans for £7.18 so 24p per can.
    Emperor1's avatar
    İs that Costco price all the time or on offer?
  40. epiclolz's avatar
    Not in Northern Ireland
    stuartie94's avatar
    Disagree, both Bangor stores, Castlereagh road and knock Tesco all had the offer on
's avatar