Coca-Cola Energy - No Sugar (250ml) 25p @ Tesco (Baldock)

Coca-Cola Energy - No Sugar (250ml) 25p @ Tesco (Baldock)

Posted 9th NovAvailable: East of England (Hertfordshire)
I know not everyone's a fan, but I thought they were alright. Haven't tried this no sugar one though.

Reduced to clear at Tesco, expect it's nationwide where there's stock.

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Still won't buy it. It's disgusting....

When will Coca-Cola swallow their pride and ship it out to discount stores

6 for a £1 methinks...
The full sugar one is my favourite energy drink. The zero sugar tastes awful and leaves you with a dry mouth.
Energy - no sugar???
3 calories per can and acesulfame K. Where does the energy come from? Must just be the caffeine.
The zero/no sugar one is rank. Tastes flat and neither Red Bull-ish or Coke-like. Lingering chemical aftertaste as an added bonus. The regular is worth a punt to see if you like it but I'd dodge this offer.
mccririck09/11/2019 16:04

Energy - no sugar???

Exactly. It's a complete misnomer to have sugar-free Energy Drinks, even if they have caffeine, as caffeine itself doesn't contain Energy.
Looks like Coke's venture into the energy drink marker has failed.
You will probably get an anxiety burst from this ( if it is caffeine loaded ) and not an energy rush.
Cheap for a reason, cheap to make and does not sell due to bad taste no doubt.
It tastes like crap, but it's worth a try obviously if you haven't had it before and you do like the taste of certain energy drinks.
The full sugar one is quite nice tbh
I don't mind this, it contains Guarana which is a natural source of caffeine.

Like a few of the comments here, I don't understand how a drink that contains 3kcal is going to give you a whole lot of energy, and how it can be marketed that way. There are 4 calories to 1g of carbohydrates, and that's not going to get you very far.
There’s quite a few zero sugar energy drinks that taste pretty good these days...
This drink in rancid
Good price but horrible taste...
Coke own relentless so why come out with this trash.
Worst energy drink I've ever drunk in my life.
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