Coca Cola Ice Bucket with 3 x 330ml glass bottles £8 @Tesco

Coca Cola Ice Bucket with 3 x 330ml glass bottles £8 @Tesco

LocalFound 23rd Dec 2017Edited by:"chapsuk"
Bought this as a gift. Nice set with the glass bottles. Thought it was a deal as 1 bottle and a cup was only £6

In-store Tesco only (can't find it online)
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Is it just 3 bottles of coke and a bucket? £8 is a lot for a bucket once you have drunk the coke.
£8 for essentially 3 coke cans worth?! What a rip off lol
Have a like for it being all recyclable
" Cold" ice bucket!
Ice bucket that doesn't even include the ice!!!! Not worth it 🤣🤣🤣
4 for 250 at asda
lahore78623 m ago

4 for 250 at asda

Those are 4x250ml bottles so ignoring the bucket, its almost the same amount of coke as the 3 here.
I think it's cold enough to make the ice for the bucket
I think it is ice cold but not worth the current price
Poundland bucket...
£1 bag of ice
3 cans of coke from poundland
£3 quid all in....saving yourself £5!!! what not to like....I got one of those coca cola buckets years hold nails!
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