Coca Cola Normal, Diet & Zero - 1.25 Litres 57p @ Sainsburys

Coca Cola Normal, Diet & Zero - 1.25 Litres 57p @ Sainsburys

Found 5th Jan 2009
Bargain price, Grabbed a couple for myself today from my local sainsburys.
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Also at co-op x
Bought 5 this Weekend Gone!
Best deal around
Can you even get a small bottle at that price? HOT
Who expired it?
Odd the deal is still going on the sainsbury website so not sure why its expired..? Just order over 10 bottles :thumbsup:

Who expired it?

w***ers who dont know nothing
I just bought 6 bottles in the Sainsburys Local near me - it's not expired.
58p at co-op, which is hot nonetheless.
this is on for 2 more weeks aint expired noobs
dam Politics, i love Coke at this price i would get a few packs of 6*1.25ltrs
Might be because it's posted ]here also?
But that's the co-op thread;)
Just come to see how my thread is doing to find it's been expired for no reason at all. :x says the offer ends on 27th jan, glad i checked the thread before assuming it had already expired!! thanks OP.
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