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buy a Schweppes and get a free swim
Found 1st Jul 2010Found 1st Jul 2010
buy a Schweppes and get a free swim
Buy a 500ml or 750ml bottle of 'Schweppes Abbey Well'. It's all you need to claim your FREE swim
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Good deal, it ends on the 2nd of Feb 2011


thanx for posting will save loads during summer holidays got mine from tesco 44p


good to know this offer is on have to buy three bottles for my kids as the government have now stopped the free swim for kids and over 60s nothing like tackling the obesity epicdemic that is rife with kids eh


good to hear this is still on, anyone know wat supermarkets stock this?

2 for £5 10 Pack Fridge pack Coca Cola @tesco
Found 4th Jul 2009Found 4th Jul 2009
2 for £5 10 Pack Fridge pack Coca Cola @tesco
I was in Tesco and saw an awesome deal 2 for £5 10 pack of coca cola + 10 coke zone points on each box

Make sure you brought the right pack sometimes tesco still sell non coke zone packs. it should say on the outside that there is ten points :)


hi does anyone know if these packs mention anything about coke zone on the front?!


25p a can is expensive


A good price for canned fizz is 6 cans for £1 or 17p per can. Next target is 20p per can which is £1.20 for 6-pack or £2,50 for 2x6-pack and is always available somewhere. The current heatwave, however, has seen those deals disappear and replaced by the 25p per can or £1.50 per 6-pack which is "masturbato*y" pricing. The differences might be pennies to us but it is big bucks to "them" and when it comes to "them", they know a screw or two - whenever we let them. When greed is throttled through demands for fair pricing, so too will the selling [of anything that "bucks"] for selling's sake. You'll get to buy something [of] real [essence] and not so much the "real thing".


The code is only on the inside of the promotional packs.

Coke giving away 3 million XBox MS points
Found 7th Apr 2009Found 7th Apr 2009
Coke giving away 3 million XBox MS points
Coca-Cola is teaming up with Microsoft this week to give away $37,000 (£25,000) worth of Xbox 360 Microsoft Points. As in, they're free. The partnership will see three million poi… Read more

Does anyone have a spare 200 code? I got 500 points and damn new fable 2 content is 560. Why the hell do they come up with stupid denominations?


Looking to buy 400 MS points and seeing as you guys got them for free I'm guessing that you could do me a good price for them.:thumbsup:


I wonder whether they will have similar deals in the future


no thanks. looking to swop 800 points for 1 month


dont forget xbox live is free til 4th May :thumbsup: got a 48 hour trial code if you want it.

4 Bottles of Coca Cola 2L for £2 @ ASDA
Found 23rd Mar 2009Found 23rd Mar 2009
4 Bottles of Coca Cola 2L for £2 @ ASDA
Asda have the 2L bottles of coke on offer at the moment 2 for £2. But coca cola have their own promotion at the moment too, as long as you pick up the promotional bottle.. The of… Read more
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Is this not expired now? Asda have coca cola on for only £1


Tesco have 3 bottles for £3, unlike Morrisons where it is 2 bottles for £2.70!! Just got the promo bottles however it's impossible to read the codes on any of the bottles, thye're all covered in glue. Locked my account for today as I tried so many times, told me to try again tomorrow or call the helpline, called the helpline but it closed at 5pm. Seems like a lot of hassle to get my free bottles. Grr! Voted hot though ;)


Great Deal! He's just a misery and nitpicker!


I don't like Coke-Zero, so this is really just 2 bottles of Coca Cola 2L for 2£... good deal still! Voted Hot


I was just pointing out the error on this "deal" - 2 of the 4 bottles are by redemption ONLY, and subject to there being promo stock of the other ones instore. Thanks for your opinion though brightredflower. :roll: And if you're going to quote my name, at least TRY and get it right.

Info: IPOD 8GB Touch back in stock with COKEZONE Xmas Promotion
Found 30th Dec 2008Found 30th Dec 2008
Info: IPOD 8GB Touch back in stock with COKEZONE Xmas Promotion
if anyone has 400 points in there account these have come back in stock , be quick

Yeah, I got both of mine the same day as yourself.


anyone else recieved thiers yet


ah im not wanting to open it its in a clear case but looks like there is a volume control at the side


Volume control on side is a big give away for gen 2. Look at vids on youtube.


mine arrived just now, putting it up for sale as we speak :D how do i know if its a gen 1 or gen 2

3 Free Soft Drinks with Coca Cola
Found 9th Dec 2008Found 9th Dec 2008
3 Free Soft Drinks with Coca Cola
Similar to the 3 for 1 Coca-Cola's already posted for mainland UK ( however this is for NI. If you are t… Read more
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code 1 wt4h2jn2kk code 2 rrfpk6cm3w


Hey, The one for mainland UK is buy one, get two free. The one for NI is 3 free (no purchase required!!) Hope that helps!


Apparently advertised on radio in UK, according to my wife




Designated drivers need more than this if you ask me. Not everyone likes coke. Maybe thats just me being picky as i dont drink so therefore am always the designated driver :p

Apple TV + 400 cans of coke for £95 or less with Cokezone
Found 5th Dec 2008Found 5th Dec 2008
Apple TV + 400 cans of coke for £95 or less with Cokezone
***This is an a previously unpublished offer!!!*** --- Use Search Rewards on the right to find the deal if it doesn't show on the main flash introduction --- Buy 38 x 10 can bra… Read more

I missed out on the Xbox as well but got my hands on one of these bad boys.... now to sell on eBay and get an Xbox... easy! BTW, it came in the post today!!!!!! :thumbsup:


Yeah it stated 1 per customer, sure that will be one per account though.


I missed out on the x box, got locked out on the 27th and couldn't speak to the cokezone people as it was thanksgiving, what im wondering, I saw the apple tv and it was 1 per account, is it always restricted like this ? or was it because it was an unpublished offer? not knowing that a deal like the xbox was just 400 until the day, If youd entered 800 ,could you have got two?


whoa - didn't expect that to go so quick - Managed to get one this morning, still wish I had got the xbox though - wonder if anyone will want to swap !!!


I'd love to know many of each gift they actually get - 100?

3 for the price of 1 Coca-Cola's in MANY venues around the country if you're Des
Found 2nd Dec 2008Found 2nd Dec 2008
3 for the price of 1 Coca-Cola's in MANY venues around the country if you're Des
Coca-Cola are doing a deal to try & reduce the amount of drink driving that happens over the festive period by giving drivers a 3 for the price of 1 offer. Sounds like a good … Read more
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Went out to one of the pubs on the list last night and they knew nothing about it. Actually laughed when I asked about free Cokes - was quite embarrassing!


Good deal heat added 9 pubs in my area on the list


Yes but a lot of pubs might get more business to offset this... I mean, I think I'll be going to one around here for this reason, and I never go to it ordinerially, so this is custom they wouldent have got... I am sure that my £2.10 will cover the cost of the 3 cokes easily and then they'll have customers they never had before... So although it's seen as non benefitial to the pubs, it will work for the pubs as well as cocacola AND they'll look all 'responsible' and boost thier corperate image - a double win for two companies - cocacola and the pubs involved! Companies are always looking for ways to 'look' like they are doing the right thing, when the motivation will always be money... I DO think this is a v good idea though and I hope it means less ppl D&Ding... Although ANYONE that does that anyway is a f'in idiot and should never be allowed a licence... My 2 pence worth lol :thumbsup:


Not as good as 3 free Cokes!! Voted hot tho!!


none in Northern Ireland again, typical:x

xbox 360 pro + Lips Karoke Game for £95 with 400 free cans of coke too
Found 28th Nov 2008Found 28th Nov 2008
xbox 360 pro + Lips Karoke Game for £95 with 400 free cans of coke too
--- Use Search Rewards on the right to find the deal if it doesn't show on the main flash introduction --- Buy 38 x 10 can branded packs of Coca-cola / Diet coke / Coke Zero at 2 … Read more

Get on there now, it has an Apple TV for 400 points... can sell it and get your Xbox!!


Your account will be unlocked at midnight. I also got locked out, it's very annoying


I was very surprised to see the XBOX 360 at 400 points. I had collected just over 800 points in total. Have managed to sell all the Coke at the price I paid to a family of Coke addicts, let's just say they owed me a favour. Had a look at the Samsung Tocco in CPW yesterday and it's a nice phone. Shame it's the pink one up for grabs on Coke Zone otherwise I would keep it. It's very annoying that they don't publish how many points something is going to be, what difference would it make?


upcoming deals are on front page, unwrap to show xbox, then click in corner on "whats coming up" Yeah i was guessing it might be more, but then again i thought it could be 400 again as the ipod and xbox were both 400 and had rrps of £169 and £220 so the deals might be just getting better and better.


I'm completely guessing that it'll be at least 500 considering it value unlocked at over £200. Where is everyone finding all the upcoming deals info as I can't find anything on their site?

Flip Mino Digital Camcorder (RRP £120) for £75 (or less) and get 300 free cans of coke too!
Found 21st Nov 2008Found 21st Nov 2008
Flip Mino Digital Camcorder (RRP £120) for £75 (or less) and get 300 free cans of coke too!
Buy 30 x 10 can branded packs of Coca-cola / Diet coke / Coke Zero at 2 for £5 and get enough coke zone points for a Flip Mino digital camcorder. These packs are currently availabl… Read more

If you send me your email address I will refer you


anybody want to refer me to coke zone? cheers


I think this has now expired


I went for the cans The packaging is excellent, I managed to stack them all in the corner of my porch


2 x 10 points for the cans, 5 x 3 points for the bottles. Cans packs are a lot easier to drink / sell too, as they can be split. Regards S

£200 of Spa vouchers with £75 (0r £70) worth of coke / diet coke + 600 (or 580 for £70) cans too
Found 15th Nov 2008Found 15th Nov 2008
£200 of Spa vouchers with £75 (0r £70) worth of coke / diet coke + 600 (or 580 for £70) cans too
Buy 30 x 10 can branded packs of Coca-cola / Diet coke / Coke Zero at 2 for £5 and get enough coke zone points for £200 of spa vouchers. These packs are currently available from S… Read more

28/11 Rgds, S


Look on (you get a SpaFinder Voucher) HTH, S


When's the 360 coming? Managed to see the little boxes the other day when I looked but can't find them now?


do you know which Spas you can use this at?


no fuel voucher at sainsburys anymore finished a few days ago

Get Free Stuff from Coca Cola!!!!
Found 5th Nov 2008Found 5th Nov 2008
Get Free Stuff from Coca Cola!!!!
to get the free things all you have to do is buy a bottle of coke and it will have a code on it put that code on it and you get points after you get the points you can get stuff wi… Read more

they are doing 2 for 1 vouchers for theme parks for 5 points at the moment. x


this site is great if you drink a lot of coke like my other half! He gets through 6-8 2l bottles per week. He has just claimed 2x £10 vouchers in a month. Only wish we had discovered the site earlier! Very Hot!!


I have been saving the codes for while and managed to get Fifa Street 3 on xbox for my son last week.


you dont HAVE TO buy anything........... find empty bottles lying around everywhere!


How can it be free if you have to buy the bottle to start with?

Free FHM Mag
Found 3rd Jul 2008Found 3rd Jul 2008
Free FHM Mag
Ring this number To get your free FHM magazine please call 0845 357 3640 and quote 'Coke Zone'. How easy is that? Just did it got a free one just say no to their offers btw

i called, gave my details and didn't get any grief about signing up to anything so voted hot. thanks


Just rang and ordered it, he asked where I'd seen the offer and i just said a friend had told me. Said no to the offers. Thanks


why is this cold then??


Yer same didnt realise you could get free itunes songs


i just wasted 15 points getting the email

Found 15th Mar 2008Found 15th Mar 2008
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you're gonna need to drink a hell of a lot of coke to get anything decent here. T-shirts for approx 200 points which is 132 LITRES of coke!!!




Anyone else getting errors when they type in their codes?


kool, nice find!

bazr £1.80 Just Rewards £1.50 4OD £1 Consumer lifestyles .90p Synovate £1 Fair Exchange .80p Loads more,just do a little research.Not easy to pick them out on quidco,but if you try some of the other cashback sites,such as Cashbackkings and Topcashback,they have dedicated pages for things like free registration sites and no purchase sites giving cashback.Pick out the ones you fancy and either use the other sites or go to quidco and see if they feature them.Heres a couple of links. Topcashback do not charge any fees and pay all the cashback to you. Cashbackkings have an annual £5 charge,the same as quidco,but they have an offer whereby if you show them your quidco statement with your £5 admin fee they will waive their fee for the first year. HTH.:) Edit:Here's a useful tool for comparing how much each cashback site pays out in cashback:

Free 4x350ml pack of 'diet Coke Plus'
Found 24th Dec 2007Found 24th Dec 2007
Free 4x350ml pack of 'diet Coke Plus'
Print-off the voucher and take to your local store. It can be used as payment for a 4 x 350ml pack pack of 'diet Coke Plus', up to the value of £2.49. Only one voucher can be used … Read more

Thanks, voted hot :thumbsup:


Well, i hope you combine it with the MacDonald BOGOF offer, the two together should take a few months off your life expectancy:-D


yeah im so greedy that im off again today to do a clear out around supermarkets here in town. It feels so good when the customer can at once get at big companies like Coke, it tastes almost the same as normal diet coke, so its fine for me, and its free!


Unfortunately, it's the greedy ones like you that make companies aware when they have made a mistake (such as putting up this voucher, which was not intended for the public, on the web). Luckily it's now the end of the month so it doesn't matter. And luckily as well, the stuff tastes quite awful - so enjoy it!


omg where????

Its back!  Celebrate the Greatest Gift of All this Christmas, Send a Little Love On The Famous Piccadilly Sign...
Found 14th Dec 2007Found 14th Dec 2007
Its back! Celebrate the Greatest Gift of All this Christmas, Send a Little Love On The Famous Piccadilly Sign...
I posted this last year and the great news is..... IT'S BACK! Now you can say "Merry Christmas" in a way that sparkles more than tinsel on a tree... Once again 'Coca-Cola' are g… Read more

Probably a bit too late for you now unfortunately (hope you managed to save it anyway!) but just in case anyone has not yet worked out how to do it, this is what I have just tried: 1) Follow the link from the OP to the live feed. 2) Double click on the sign (the live feed 'box') which should display it full screen in Windows Media Player. 3) When your message appears, press the "Prt Sc" (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. 4) Open Word, or whatever, and set the page format to landscape. 5) Press the 'Control' & 'V' keys together, or the 'paste' command which should copy it into your document, so that you can then print it out or email to whoever you wish. I can't guarantee that this will work for everyone, but I have just tried it out & it worked OK for me. Might be a good idea to have a 'dummy run' first though!


Just received an email to say that mine will shown between 13:15 and 13:30 tomorrow... that's Christmas Eve! I couldn't be more pleased, and I hope my wife will be also, when she reads the message. Thanks again to the OP!


Really glad that this is working well again this year! :santa: Thanks so much for all your positive feedback on my find.


Thanks so much for this. I just had mine on the sign. My email said between 9.45 and 10 and when I loaded the live feed at about 9.25 it flashed up before i was ready! - thought id missed it but it was on just after 9.45 so i was able to photograph the screen. My fella and my son are well chuffed. and Im really pleased I could tell the world how much I love them both. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mine's tomorrow -- eek. hope i can record it somehow from the live feed. my OH is away - pity!

Fifa 07 on XBox360, DS, PS2 or PSP - Free with 4 x 500ml Bottles of Coke (£2.80)
Found 28th Jul 2007Found 28th Jul 2007
Fifa 07 on XBox360, DS, PS2 or PSP - Free with 4 x 500ml Bottles of Coke (£2.80)
There is a new offer on Coca Cola products that has just come out. The labels promote the chance to win one of 1 Million tickets to a football league or Scottish Premier League gam… Read more
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Actually i did receive mine. but I ordered under a pseudonym, which my flatmate didn't recognize, so he returned it. gutted.


Got mine today for psp today - sent it early last week:thumbsup:


One of the lads at work sent his on the Tuesday, nothing so far, mine went on the Monday and I got one.


My nephew sent for one on the 4th August and received a copy last week.


Not had mine either, sent it on the day of the deal being posted

Bit of fun - Coca Cola 'Name In Lights' at Piccadilly Circus!
Found 16th Dec 2006Found 16th Dec 2006
Bit of fun - Coca Cola 'Name In Lights' at Piccadilly Circus!
Surprise your loved one with a seasonal message displayed on the landmark Coca-Cola sign in London's Piccadilly Circus.

I forgot to say congratulations to Caroline, i hope you saw it live in piccadily :)


Does anyone know if this offer is still going on or if it will be back around valentines day? If anyone does know, please let let me or provide a link, as i'm looking to do something special. :)


Very nice find daz1969 ;-) Big Congratulations too Caroline too :)


GREAT post, I saw my message online. Congratulations Caroline.....


Awwww congratulations!!

Buy a bottle of Coca-Cola , Get a free iTunes song!
Found 21st Nov 2006Found 21st Nov 2006
Buy a bottle of Coca-Cola , Get a free iTunes song!
"Grab a promotional bottle or can multi-pack of 'Coca-Cola' or 'diet Coke', to get a free song on iTunes®" What a great deal this is, picked up a 500ml bottle of coke to find i ge… Read more

blockbuster still have loads of the promo bottles my local did anyway!


I guess its a deal not a freebie, you still need to go out there and buy something


i hope it does get turned off, it's too open to abuse


dont worry marquez the neg rep is on a wind down aswell and will be turned off shortly.


Don't worry, I won't neg rep you but I actually thought this promo started aeons ago and agree it's in the stages of winding down. Still, don't see the harm in it - Free music if you drink Coke basically :)