Coca-Cola/Diet/Zero 4x500ml bottles for £2 - @ Morrisons.  Best Value for Cokezone Points

Coca-Cola/Diet/Zero 4x500ml bottles for £2 - @ Morrisons. Best Value for Cokezone Points

Found 22nd Aug 2010
Morrisons are currently selling packs of 4 standard 500ml bottles of coke/diet/zero for £2. (They sell separately at £1 each, or 2 for £1.70). This is a good deal in itself, but for any collectors of cokezone points it is (as far as i know) the best way to bolster your points before the big 'end of era sell off' (see…ut/ ). You receive a code worth 2 points for each of the small bottles in a pack (so £2 for 8 points = 4points per pound) This is in comparison with 3 x 2L bottles for £3 at sainsburys, which = 3points per pound. Also available at morrisons are the 12can fridge packs at 2 for £7 = 24points for £7 (or 3.4points per pound).

So to clarify - this is a good deal on these little bottles for lunches, picnics, etc, but it is not the cheapest way to buy coke as you are paying £1 per litre and at Sainsburys you can get 6L for £3! It is, however, the cheapest way to obtain cokezone points!

Hope this helps someone!
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Same price in Co-op
Unfortunately next month will be the last time cokezone will be doing "Large" point rewards. September there will be unlimited stock of up to 10 large rewards and from then it will be low to medium rewards in the 0-250 points range. So if you have more than 800 points you may as well cash them in in September as there will only be prize draws for the larger rewards after that.…st/
Good point about the coke zone points but worth mentioning you can only input 50 points per week per account.
not amused at coke zone scrapping decent rewards, currently got 430 either time to spend massive on coke to get 50 points every week or prepare for rubbish rewards!
Its frustrating having points too im up to 2300 points and theres been naff all on there for months.
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