Cocoon/Cocoon The Return - £5.49

Cocoon/Cocoon The Return - £5.49

Found 8th Oct 2006
Cocoon: A group of senior citizens residing in a rest home find their lives turned upside down after they are offered the gift of eternal youth by benevolent aliens in Ron Howard's wonderful tribute to the human spirit. Brian Dennehy is Walter, an alien who returns to earth to rescue 20 of his friends now hibernating in cocoons off the coast of Florida. With the help of a charter boat captain (Steve Guttenberg), the cocoons are stored in a deserted swimming pool. When three men from a nearby retirement village (the charming Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley, and Hume Cronyn) sneak into the pool for a swim, they discover what seem to be oversized oystershells in the water. Suddenly they feel physically and spiritually rejuvenated, believing they've found the long elusive Fountain of Youth. The men's frisky behavior causes something of a controversy in the retirement village as residents are forced to choose between a second youth or accepting the more natural aging process...

Cocoon - The Return: When the space travellers return to Earth on a special rescue mission, they are reunited with their own families and friends who they left behind when they were offered the gift of eternal youth by benevolent aliens. To their delight they soon realise that Earth isn't the worst planet in the galaxy!

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