Cocoto Magic Circus with Gun - (Wii) - Half Price Now £24.99 @ Argos

Cocoto Magic Circus with Gun - (Wii) - Half Price Now £24.99 @ Argos

Found 3rd Nov 2008
Can't seem to find this particular game and/or gun available at any other UK retailer! Available to collect.


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This game definitely isn't out over here, yet I managed to reserve one at my local store

I'm not gonna bother wasting my time going to get it though, somehow I don't think they will have it :?:

This typically sells for €15-€20 (~£14) in europe, which isn't much more than the rip-off shops in britain try to charge just for the "gun"/piece of plastic.

I like how argos claim rrp is £50.

I noticed this last night when I was looking at the games at Argos, I too managed to reserve it online at my local store.

I tried to find it elsewhere to find out what it was about but couldnt find it anywhere so didnt bother with it anyway.

review of the game here…htm
only other price i can find for this in £ is £23.67 from yes asia but thats us version of the game

id grab this for the kids but no stock near me ..

I reserved one of these last night as I also looked at other retailers and on eBay and there were none in the UK whatsoever, very very odd I thought.

I went to Argos today (not expecting to get the game) and the game is exactly as the picture and with the gun.

Very strange but it looks ok and I had one of the £10 vouchers off the price from previous purchases so only cost me £15.

Not bad me thinks for the price.
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