COD WW2 £38 at Tesco Direct PS4/XBOX

COD WW2 £38 at Tesco Direct PS4/XBOX

Found 15th Dec 2017
Seems to be the cheapest around other than Morissons at the minute. Not sure if in store as well.
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£35 in Morrisons. Picked one up yesterday if you have a store near you
This is online, available to everyone. I never seem to find good offers in my local Morrison's so isn't this the best price we can all benifit from? Heat from me
It's been £36 at Tesco before. £38 ain't too bad if you've got clubcard point vouchers to use.
£38 on Amazon aswell if anyone prefers to shop there.
Been playing since day one but just can't get excited about cod like i used to don't get me wrong it's the best one in a long time but I went back in bf1 and the difference is unreal bf is without doubt the king.
I visited 3 Morrison's before I found one with any stock, I guess it depends on how much your time is worth...
Come on, drop like several games yesterday. I still prefer BF1, but the zombies in this are awesome
Really enjoying this
Missed the last couple of COD games but coming back to the series this is pretty good. Enjoyed the campaign, and online is fun too
Xbox one game best price I've seen since black friday
nufc733 h, 13 m ago

£38 on Amazon aswell if anyone prefers to shop there.

Exactly, so why is everyone voting this cold, when that deal is hot?!
Anyone know if it's this price in store ? Got one of those spend £30 save £4 vouchers
If you have a club card and received the recent money off vouchers the £6 off when you spend £30 is being accepted too bringing it down to £32 (in store only) but it expires on Sunday
heat added from me x great deal for those who couldnt find it in Morrisons - and I checked three.
Welcome to Hotukdeals when Amazon Deal goes hot - Tesco Deal goes cold for the same price
Cold.....its £1 less....... Wow ok
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