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Posted 14 July 2022

CODA Intel Celeron 4GB RAM 64GB Storage 12.5" Laptop CODA037 + BullGuard Internet Security - £79.97 @ Box

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Yes I know it's LOW spec but it's still a good deal. Keep things in perspective.... think raspberry pi with screen.

CODA Intel Celeron 4GB RAM 64GB Storage 12.5" Laptop (CODA037)The CODA 1.2 12.5” Celeron Laptop (CODA037) is the essential tech company to see you travel light in weight, but big in performance. A travel-friendly frame combines an elegant chassis design with on-the-go conveniences while preserving the superior performance capabilities of modern hardware. At the heart of your dominant operations resides a high-performance Intel Celeron N3450 processor, enriched with 4GB RAM and Windows 10 operating services. This impressive combination of hardware and software ensures you have all the tools needed to establish a premium workspace even in the most space-limited environments.

  • Intel Celeron N3450 processor
  • 12.5" HD display
  • Intel HD 500 graphics
  • USB-C | USB 3.0 | Mini HDMI | 3.5mm jack
  • CODA037

Under the hoodArmed with connectivity right where you need it, the CODA037 ensures your ability to get results is as flexible as your potential workspace configurations. Cutting-edge USB-C ports enable high-speed data transfers, ideal for connecting to expansion hubs and docking stations for further expansion. Dual USB 3.0 interfaces meanwhile support all the latest peripherals and accessories, so you can augment your workspace on your terms. A Mini-HDMI and 3.5mm jack round things off by taking care of the audio-visual side of things, allowing you to elevate your multitasking capabilities with crisp and clear multi-monitor setup potential, with the sound to match.

No wasted spaceTake that extra step towards efficiency with the CODA 1.2 12.5” Celeron Laptop. A more compact chassis design preserves full user practicality with astute features like an edge-to-edge keyboard, which offers comfortable typing without wasting desk space.

Make an appearanceThe rise of remote working and a general increase in distance between colleagues and clients has led to a necessity for laptops to offer premium conferencing tools, which is why the CODA037 features a 2.0MP front camera, as well as integrated mics and speakers.

AC, so no DCOutfitted with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi system, your online operations will no longer be plagued by inconsistent stability and drop-outs, with this uncompromisingly reliable networking solution keeping you connected when it counts, without interference.
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  1. Avatar
    But will it run Windows 11? Good price for what it is.
    Any machine in theory can run Win 11, you'd just need to use the official workarounds from Microsoft or use a tool like Rufus to configure the bootable drive to bypass the hardware requirements.

    Microsoft with their scare tactics but in reality if it can run Win 7/8/8.1/10 (even Vista), it can run 11. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Included or not, you'll want to be restoring this to factory and removing BullGuard (or don't even bother installing it). A machine with limited specs like this will need all the resources it can get.

    For most use, Windows Defender will be fine - buy this for the laptop but I would disgard/sell the included BullGuard.
  3. Avatar
    Don't fancy Windows?

    You could run Brunch on this. Brunch is a framework that allows you to run ChromeOS on a device that's not a Chromebook. You need a little bit of technical know-how to create the USB installer, but its not hard.

    Brunch also runs from a USB, and unlike a Linux live disk is decompressed so it actually runs very well. Hence you could try it for a while before committing to installing it.

    Replying to

    Nah, I put Brunch on a lappie and triple booted with Win 10 and Mint. Chrome OS was used 90% of the time, love it. Needed a 128GB SSD though to fit it all on properly.
  4. Avatar
    Bullguard itself will use up all available resources, whatever left there is
  5. Avatar
    Perfect to use for car diagnostics.

    Word of advice.
    Always reinstall windows. Just download it from Microsoft.
    It's very easy and you'll find your PC/Laptop about twice faster without the bloatware installed by manufacturer.

    These days Windows comes with all of the drivers needed.
    "Windows comes with all of the drivers needed"

    Not really true, unfortunately. Windows usually comes with enough to make it usable but drivers are often missing or very old. Let Windows update do it's thing, then use this which will catch 99% of the rest:

  6. Avatar
    Linux on this would be good (assuming that it uses standard drivers).
  7. Avatar
    At least it's quad core, but low core clock speed will probably cause Windows to run at 100% a lot of the time. Thinking about getting for Chromebook OS or Linux though.