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Code Stack - Get 5% + 15% Off Including Pixel 4a 5G Refurb £137.27 / iPhone 12 Mini £272 / 13 Pro Max £690 With Codes @ Music Magpie / Ebay

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Credit to @reindeer333 for the original code, get 5% off at checkout, plus a further 15% with code NEW15, examples below

Our Conditions Explained:

Good – This product is in good cosmetic condition, there will be signs of wear which may include scratches, visible scuffs and/or screen discoloration but nothing that will impair functionality. Battery health will be a minimum of 80%. The item has been fully tested, restored to factory settings and is in excellent working order.

You’re getting a great device at a great price!

This Phone doesn't include its original box.

As well as a great value phone, you will also receive:

  • FREE 12 Months Warranty
  • FREE USB Charging Cable
  • FREE Royal Mail 48hrs delivery

Please note devices have been through a refurbishment process so may have had parts replaced such as battery, screen, camera etc. This is all done in house by qualified technicians and is backed by our 12-month warranty.
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  1. Avatar
    Even with the codes iPhones are £100 at least more expensive than last weekend
    That is typical of every eBay code. You might get some bargains else everything else is inflated.
  2. Avatar
    Not working for me. Is it account specific? I tried to stack OFFmusicmagpieGo and NEW15
    Worked for me. 5% applied automatically and 'NEW15' stacked with additional discount.

    Thanks @MrSwitch
  3. Avatar
    Just under £700 for a used 2nd hand phone which may include scratches, visible scuffs and/or screen discoloration 😳
    Magpie have an excellent returns policy and gradings - don't judge a book by it's cover.
  4. Avatar
    Wish there was a samsung equivalent of an iPhone mini. I want a small phone
    Pixel 5
  5. Avatar
    Galaxy Z Fold 3 refurbed for £528.99 with this. Just about managed to resist spending the money on a phone I don't need.
  6. Avatar
    good deal, got it, thank you
  7. Avatar
    You can get a good condition iPhone 12 mini 64gb for 255 off the i outlet on eBay with the code,they have better feedback and it’s cheaper
  8. Avatar
    Picked up the Good condition 4a. Hopefully will be a snappy reserve phone that I can not worry about breaking. Will sell my Flip3 now 👌🏻 cheers good sir!
  9. Avatar
    Cheap for a reason:) Good deal and voted hot

    You're absolutely right but I'd just like to ad in this is when Google have guaranteed to provide updates until. They very may well keep providing them past this date, and even if they don't it's not a massive deal. Especially when you consider the target audience for a £150 pre-owned phone probably aren't to flakey about updates.
  10. Avatar
    Every time these eBay discounts come up I'm SO eager to get a 12 mini, but my 6S is straight up refusing to die so I can justify a replacement
  11. Avatar
    Pixel 4a from this deal for £137 or pixel 5 for £165 good condition - any advice please Mrswitch??
    Where can you see the pixel 5 for that please?
  12. Avatar
    iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb £340 any good? Or the iPhone 12 mini 64gb for £272 (edited)
    Great price for 11 Pro Max 256GB IMO.
  13. Avatar
    What is the code for the 5% off please guys?….because at the moment it’s applying the NEW15 code for me?
  14. Avatar
    OFFmusicmagpieGo doesn't seem to work? Can anyone advise if code is correct
    It says the code is NEW15
  15. Avatar
    Got my dad a 12 Pro max back along from here. Good condition but phone was absolutely emaculate and battery life was 88%.
    just got 12 pro max too also, return it and go for 13 pro max or not worth it?
  16. Avatar
    Got a budget of £150 should I get the pixel 4a or something else?
    Get the pixel 5….it’s only £148…..(y)
    49249048-eKEPC.jpg (edited)
  17. Avatar
    4a 5g is oos
  18. Avatar
    Great deals
  19. Avatar
    How are the very good items from Music Magpie? It’s the bottom of the list of quality so anyone got any experience?
  20. Avatar
    This code only works in this store? Or how do I know in which stores I can use it?
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