Codemasters DIRT 2 XBOX 360 £24.99 NEW @ GAMESTATION Instore

Codemasters DIRT 2 XBOX 360 £24.99 NEW @ GAMESTATION Instore

Found 22nd Oct 2009Made hot 22nd Oct 2009
Noticed this today in Gamestation and thought it was a very good deal.

I forgot to check if it was this price on the PS3 but at a guess it is, but needs confirming.


if its this price in my local i will be buying tomorrow

^ Image of Forza 3 ^_^

yeah! I was excited when i saw the forza logo! :P gonna get it tomorrow hop i can find it cheap somewhere!

awwww went on the picture and realised that its not forza suggest that this is changed

Also the same price on amazon for the 360 version

bargain, its an awesome game

Good old Codemasters if there games are not the worst kind of crap they tend to be tired old franchises that do not sell anymore (thus become cheap very quickly).

What ever happened to the UK games industry!


This game is truly fantastic. DiRT1 was ok, but ropy handling on tarmac (esp on the pad) ruined it somewhat.

all that is fixed now with DiRT 2. its enjoyable on the pad, and brilliant on the wireless racing wheel.

its more arcade than sim, but with a number of different vehicle types at this price it would be rude not to, if you like your off roading.

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changed the picture to dirt 2
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