Codeweavers Free software day. Tuesday October 28
CodeWeavers makers of CrossOver Mac, CrossOver Games and CrossOver Linux.

CrossOver allows many Windows-based applications to run on Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris using a compatibility layer.

Here's a list of windows applications and the level of compatibility via crossover.




This should be in downloads.

thanks for the heads up, HOT

Hot !

am guessing this will be on US time.

Hot Deal ! Heat added !

'Main Website Temporarily Offline' is the message that you receive. Got the serial no. Just need the website to get back online so that I can download the software. Lets wait and see....

Got the serial number after several attempts, with it came this message

*Alert* This serial code will have a short shelf life. The original
plan was that it would be valid only today. But the response has been
overwhelming for our server, so that site is not working.

Given that, we intend to honor the serial codes through the end of
October, with the hope that our server will get time to recover.

Please try the registration again tomorrow. We will be putting direct
download links to the full version live on our site shortly, please check
our main page to get a full download.

Limit 1 copy per customer. Download only.

The CodeWeavers site currently says

You will be able to unlock your serial number that was emailed to you for an extended time, (an additional 48 hours), due to this downtime. We will simply stop giving out new serial numbers at 23:59 (Midnight) Central Standard Time.

I've got this and tested Crossover games Linux, can now play most of my favourite games in Linux and was incredibly easy (Guild Wars + Steam just require to press the install button and it fully downloads and installs it for you).
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