Coen Brothers Collection: 7DVD: Box Set only £9.99 delivered @ HMV
Coen Brothers Collection: 7DVD: Box Set only £9.99 delivered @ HMV

Coen Brothers Collection: 7DVD: Box Set only £9.99 delivered @ HMV

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Boxset of 7 feature films directed by the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan. Featuring A SERIOUS MAN, BURN AFTER READING, INTOLERABLE CRUELTY, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, BARTON FINK and BLOOD SIMPLE.

A SERIOUS MAN - A period black comedy set in 1967 concerning a Midwestern physics professor whose staid and stable life slowly begins to unravel after his wife announces that she's leaving him.

BURN AFTER READING is ostensibly structured and propelled by a spy-thriller plotline involving a classified CD lost by a disgraced CIA spook and found by two simple gym employees. The CIA superior who learns of the film's events (always second-hand and sometimes along with the viewer) doesn't know what to make of it, and why would he?

INTOLERABLE CRUELTY - Miles Massey is a top divorce attorny who is hired to represent Rex Rexroth, a wealthy businessman against Marilyn, his gold-digging wife. Miles becomes attracted to Marilyn but manages to win the case. Now Marilyn is out for revenge...

THE BIG LEBOWSKI - Jeff Bridges plays Jeff Lebowski, known as the Dude, a laid-back, easygoing burnout who happens to have the same name as a millionaire whose wife owes a lot of dangerous people a whole bunch of money--resulting in the Dude having his rug soiled, sending him spiralling into the Los Angeles underworld.

THE HUDSUCKER PROXY - In an effort to devalue a successful company's stock to allow the Board to acquire a controlling interest, a scheming Vice-President promotes a mail clerk to the post of Chairman. But the mail clerk hits on a brilliant rescue plan.

BARTON FINK - A scriptwriter who becomes famous on Broadway is hired to write a wrestling movie, but he develops writer's block and has to enlist the help of friends...

BLOOD SIMPLE - After discovering that his wife is having an affair, a jealous bar-owner decides to hire an assassin to have her killed. However, the assassin decides to commit the 'perfect crime' and kills the executive instead...



Andy You will Go Far
I mean Fargo

Great deal-ordered, thanks!

Lovely stuff. Ordered

A Bargain beyond belief , all absolute great films.

great post, love the cohens

Wicked deal, would make a great present.

Where is the usual vitriol from people who don't like the Coen's or their work?

This represents a good selection of their work (although probably omitting the very best) but nevertheless is a total bargain at the price.
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