Coffee Bean Roaster with 4x 300g Bags of Coffee Beans Half Price £89.99 @ Lakeland

Coffee Bean Roaster with 4x 300g Bags of Coffee Beans Half Price £89.99 @ Lakeland

Found 6th Jul 2010
Was £149.99 but now the cheapest coffee bean roaster I can find in the UK.

Used for chafless green beans. Lakeland currently sell the 300g bags for £4.99, so getting 4 bags 'free' with the machine is even better.

Use code SBS03 and you'll get a set of 5 free kitchen brushes (item 22675) with your order. Works for any order over £60 until 31/7/10

Only other place I can find it is Germany:…tml

Lakeland Description:
Electric home coffee bean roaster to use before grinding. Comes with 4 x 300g packs of coffee beans.

Fresh ground is good, but freshly roasted is even better! If you are very serious about your coffee then you will want to control every aspect of it yourself, including roasting your own beans.

Put your raw, green coffee beans into the cage, choose one of the seven strength settings, and press start. As the beans heat up and the moisture disappears, they will begin to pop or crack, just like popcorn, and the aroma they produce is absolutely heavenly. Allow them to cool before grinding for your perfect cup, its flavour and aroma undiminished by storage.

Stainless steel roasting drum holds 300g and is dishwasher safe.

Comes with 4x 300g Brazilian, Colombian decaff, Kenyan and espresso coffee beans.

Ref 13430

45 x 20 x 23cm H. (17¾" x 8" x 9"). 2000W.
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Looks good, shame there's nowhere nearby for me to get green beans!
Where can you buy green beans from?
Is there much of a selection of types?
Isn't coffee roasting on of the most important parts of making coffee and shouldn't you leave it to the experts?
This could complete my coffee obsession!!!
This seems to be an aesthetically pleasing 600 Deg C heat-gun aimed at a drum agitator to turn and evenly roast the beans. However, there is no provision for chaff collection or for getting rid of the smoke.

The smoke issue means that you'll be able to use it on a counter-top, but only really outside. The chaff issue means you'll have to buy the already de-chaffed beans directly from the manufacturer of the machine (who only sell 4 varieties), or risk the chaff catching fire.

Also, the user has to hit a button when the first "crack" starts (a bit like the first "pop" in a popcorn maker). The timer is then engaged depending on the setting you have chosen, so it also needs constant supervision. Although this does look like a good way of consistently getting the same roast, once you've found your preferred setting.

A good price for a lovely looking (for what it is) machine, but I'm not sure it has enough advantages over roasting in the frying pan or oven (with a few turns) or buying a heat gun and doing the same thing in the garden. Personally, I just ended up buying my favourite coffee bean from Whittards ("After Dinner" variety or the" Blue Mountain" variety if you're really out to impress)!
great site for green beans and roasted to order, huge selection with video reviews etc.

I roast mine with a hot air popcorn maker in the garden.
now £69.99
be quick
Now £49.99... but I'll pass as you need the de-chaffed beans. I would rather get an iRoast 2 and use whatever green beans I want.…106
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