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Eco Friendly Premium Cardboard Coffin £99 + £95 delivery @ Coffin Company
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Posted 19th Oct 2018Posted 19th Oct 2018
Eco Friendly Premium Cardboard Coffin £99 + £95 delivery @ Coffin Company£194£23417%
Purchase a basic cardboard coffin for £99 (plus £95 for shipping) and get a free upgrade to the Premium Cardboard Coffin worth £234
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Please enlighten me, I’m always willing to be educated. Why is this so hot? It’s basically a cardboard box, and £95 delivery. I could get a truckload of goods from Ikea for £35 delivered.


Killer deal, this one from amazon costs £600, though has cats on it


Why spend any more than the minimum for a box which is going to be used for an hour or so before being burnt? The funeral business is all about shaming you into spending much more than common sense says you should.


Stiff competition in this market segment!


How much do you charge for shipping? I'll take 2.

Cardboard Coffin - YOU SAVE 34% - Cheapest Prices ***FREE PREMIUM UPGRADE***@COFFIN COMPANY - £99
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Posted 1st May 2018Posted 1st May 2018
Cardboard Coffin - YOU SAVE 34% - Cheapest Prices ***FREE PREMIUM UPGRADE***@COFFIN COMPANY - £99£99
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i think it would bring a whole new meaning to PRIME DELIVERY or AMAZON PANTRY tape around it


Or head to where I work (classified) I'll pull one out of storage for you but made of wicker, sea grass or rattan and do you a back door deal for £99,50 and the box is free. Haha they're better quality mind and might at least last until you get to use it. Or can get a nice cozy bed off one I guess (not that I've tried).


Before they closed the place, my local incinerator had two mortuary slabs for burning bodies. They were mostly used for dead sheep etc, although they were large enough for human use. (Bits of humans went in the hopper with everything else; amputated arms, legs etc, from various hospitals). You used to just turn up with whatever body you wanted incinerating and the duty staff would carry it up and slide it in. I was really tempted to use it to dispose of my ex.......... (ninja)


Bought and sent to my boss home address... now waiting for pay rise/promotion.


This company is providing some stiff competition.

Cheap coffin (free premium upgrade) from Coffin Company for £99 + £95 P+P
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Posted 24th Feb 2017Posted 24th Feb 2017
Cheap coffin (free premium upgrade) from Coffin Company for £99 + £95 P+P£194
Massively reduced coffins, had my eye on these for a while, previously £150 but now reduced to £99. Even better is they are out of stock so offering a free premium cardboard upgra… Read more
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I am making those boxes for 30pounds+shipping from Lithuania. PM :))


Wow. That's hilarious.


Is it with memory foam base? Don't like any other as it would give back pain then.


That depends on God. (or Deity of your choice.)


After the funeral I can dig out the deceased and use refund the box for extra savings. Heat added

Perfect Xmas present for your wife - Only £99.00 / £194 delivered and free upgrade @ Coffin company
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Posted 14th Dec 2016Posted 14th Dec 2016
Perfect Xmas present for your wife - Only £99.00 / £194 delivered and free upgrade @ Coffin company£99
Stuck on what to buy your wife for Xmas? Buy her something you'd really like to see her in. ***FREE PREMIUM UPGRADE*** It's the last thing I'd like to be seen in, but your wife m… Read more

Full up. :D


what's wrong with under the patio?


I do too, but I go round on Friday afternoon to beat the rush!


Quite possibly as I'm normally out before 7pm. Seriously though, I can honestly say, 'I've never looked back since the day I married my wife......' I fell down the steps coming out of the Church and badly damaged my neck!


I do too, though earlier on a Friday night.

Cardboard Coffin - Pay £99.99 + postage & get upgraded to the premium cardboard coffin worth £234
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Posted 24th Dec 2015Posted 24th Dec 2015
Cardboard Coffin - Pay £99.99 + postage & get upgraded to the premium cardboard coffin worth £234£194.99
We are currently providing a FREE upgrade to the equivalent size "Premium Cardboard Coffin" for no additional cost. Our premium grade cardboard coffins are made from carton board … Read more

I'm waiting for the open box sale on amazon...


No lock from the inside, crappy sound insulation, and not enough space for basic comforts. Not an option.


I wouldn't be seen dead in one of these!


It is OOS now


Let us all hope that it doesn't rain on anyones cardboard funeral day :(

Wicker coffin, £145 the coffin company
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Posted 11th Feb 2014Posted 11th Feb 2014
Wicker coffin, £145 the coffin company£145
Wicker coffin, the shipping is a flat £95 but this is much lighter than traditional coffin so must be able to get own courier much cheaper than traditional coffin.

Deceased had a funeral they wanted


This is a bargain my aunt who we sadly lost last October had a wicker coffin n it cost around £900 Although a daunting thought making your own funeral arrangements In my opinion it makes things much easier on t family knowing the decseced


Thanks for the reply and link. It is too late for my mum but could be useful to other people.


Some won't mind and you can even arrange everything yourself without a funeral director. The link might be useful to anyone contemplating this:


Could make a useful spare for if the mother in law stays the weekend

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Quality coffin now reduced £195 @ Coffin Company
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Posted 10th Feb 2014Posted 10th Feb 2014
Quality coffin now reduced £195 @ Coffin Company£195
Not much more than the wicker one and much nicer. Big shiny cross not included but available separately. Delivery is not included but they do returns if within 7 days undamaged an… Read more
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How did I only just see this thread, the top comments are hilarious, good show you lot!


:D :D :D :D


That looks remarkably like my weekly shop, everything is reduced! \o/ :D I've never nabbed croissant for 5p though, so I will bow before a superior bargain hunter ;)




Nice try, & a reasonably sophisticated Troll I must say. 8/10 for effort. ;) There are people dying that've never died before, you know. And btw. why isn't there any quidco on funerial paraphernalia? There should be imo. :D

Wicker/Willow coffin.. Down from £380 for those who wouldn't be seen dead in a cardboard one! £145 @ Coffin Company
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Posted 30th Dec 2013Posted 30th Dec 2013
Wicker/Willow coffin.. Down from £380 for those who wouldn't be seen dead in a cardboard one! £145 @ Coffin Company£145
Seems like a great price for a willow coffin and environmentally friendly too! Autumn Gold Wicker / Willow (Traditional) Coffins Available size: 5’6’’ x 17.0’’ The UK’s First d… Read more
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£185 now


Just 17 degrees, before the Red badge, please people can I have some more :)


Heat added, just to keep'em warm


is this a "close-out" deal???;)


Thanks, i've updated the price... cheaper than a cardboard one now :)

Cardboard Coffin £99 @ Coffin Company
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Posted 30th Dec 2013Posted 30th Dec 2013
Cardboard Coffin £99 @ Coffin Company£99
Let's face will be buried anyway, might as well make it environmentally friendly! :)
kangaryu seems a good option.


Yeah, but then you get prosecuted for cruelty. No, wait, that was a cat ...


I am sure you can fit an average body in a green bin?


Rather be cut up and disposed of in a plastic bin bag than spend £99 on a bloody cardboard box!


eekkkkk. that sends shivers down my spine

Save £100 on tradition coffin now £445 + vat  @ Coffin Company
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Posted 6th Apr 2013Posted 6th Apr 2013
Save £100 on tradition coffin now £445 + vat @ Coffin Company£534
Tradition coffin save £100 on a tradition wooden coffin
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Brilliant!! Doesn't take much to make me laugh :-D



If you are planning for that eventuality, then perhaps you really need something like this


Seriously, why on earth would anyone spend this amount of money on a box to be cremated or even buried? The wicker one that was posted a few days ago makes far more sense and cardboard even more sense. When it's my turn for a box, I'd rather the money was spent on the wake.


chipboard? Wouldn't be seen dead in this.

Premium Wicker Coffin 60% off, usually £380 - £155 @ Coffin Company
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Posted 1st Apr 2013Posted 1st Apr 2013
Premium Wicker Coffin 60% off, usually £380 - £155 @ Coffin Company£155
Seems a good deal to me, they also do a basic cardboard model which is on special as well.
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Everything's leaked out and dried up by the time it gets to the day of burying!


Technically this is better than BOGOF as the discount is 60%! :p


Is this also BOGOF? Health Warning: Coffin may contain wood! :p


hiya, did anyone see a wicker coffin (different model) at a funeral joanna lumley attended in jonathan creek!! What a coincidence!!!


The instructions on checking out and returns etc seem strangely amusing coming from a coffin company.

Cardboard coffin down to £99 from £150 @ Coffin Company
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Posted 13th Jul 2012Posted 13th Jul 2012
Cardboard coffin down to £99 from £150 @ Coffin Company£99
If you don't want to put a financial burden on your family when you die, this ecofriendly coffin could be for you. You can paint or decorate the coffin as you wish. The cardboard c… Read more

Better than being seen alive in one! oO


£99 for a cardboard box? 804 degrees! srs?oO


Or p.iss on it.


Especially if its a cremation.


Bought my mother-in-law one of these last year for a Xmas present....i am not buying her a present this Xmas as she hasn't used the last one.

Not sure what to get granda/granma for xmas?? £195 @ coffin Company
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Posted 30th Nov 2011Posted 30th Nov 2011
Not sure what to get granda/granma for xmas?? £195 @ coffin Company£195
WILLOW COFFINS From - THE COFFIN COMPANY MASSIVE 50% DISCOUNT The UK's First direct-to-the-public Online Coffin Shop (Delivered to your home or chosen Funeral director) UK MAINLAND… Read more
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what's a granda and granma?


Could make a snug spare single guest bed? Ideal for when the mother-in-law visits?


Would this stop me coffin?


£75 delivery - that is worse than Dell.


ageist title - please amend

Punk Rock Coffin - now half price. £750 @ Coffin Company
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Posted 2nd Jul 2011Posted 2nd Jul 2011
Punk Rock Coffin - now half price. £750 @ Coffin Company£750
I wasnt sure what category to put this under, so i've put it under 'travel', on the off chance there is an afterlife. Make a statement, go out in style with this one off Coffin. … Read more

Not the killer deal I thought


There is nothing punk about that coffin to be honest...(coming from an ex-punk!)


Their cardboard one is currently the 2nd hottest deal of all time on here..


on their testimonial page they've included links to HUKD oO We have included a collection of links to other websites containing news and press releases about The Coffin Company. Hot UK Deals – 'Cardboard Coffin down to £99' – June 2011


I think this ones a 'dead' bargain X)