Cofresh cut okra ( bhindi ) down to 50p @ Tesco online & instore

Cofresh cut okra ( bhindi ) down to 50p @ Tesco online & instore

Found 16th Oct 2012
Best price I've seen these okra for , love these in a beef or lamb curry! Yum!! :-)

Nice long deal for these so worth stocking up
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Does it retain its shape after freezing or does it turn to mush?
the fresh one's are better...u can buy them for like £2.99 a kilo from Falcon if you're from Leicester.... if you're lazy, this is perfect!

To save them from going to mush, make sure the pan is really hot, and don't cover it when it's cooking!

Slimy food is good for you...okra,ladies fingers or bhindi whatever you call it eat it for a healthy life...
i love bhindi
I love fresh ones...taste is totally different.....:p
You have to put them in at the end if you are cooking a curry , otherwise of course they do turn to mush , but put them in at the end for the last 10 mins & they will retain their shape & texture

Of course it doesn't beat fresh as most frozen foods don't but these are so handy to keep in the freezer & a super price
yes, you're right...its a good deal..

what i do, buy them fresh, wash them, cut them and then freeze...

when it comes to cooking, out the freezer and into the pan

The Vindaloovian people despise all humans. They are the vermin of the universe. Is that not right Bhindi Bhaji?
I love eating it raw.
u can't eat bhindi raw? I'm making bhindi and yoghurt curry 2nite...YUM
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