Coin sorter - £9.99 @ Gadget Shop

Coin sorter - £9.99 @ Gadget Shop

Found 23rd Oct 2009
We've all been there - accumulated a mini Everest sized pile of loose change. And how to sort this without devoting an entire week of one's life to the task? We here at Gadgetshop HQ have stumbled upon the solution.

Put yourself and your money at the centre of your universe. Carefully empty the contents of your piggy bank into the Coin Sorter funnel. The Motorised Coin Sorter will swiftly start work organising all your loose change into neat little tubes of £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p, and 1p.

If the Motorised Coin Sorter is full you will have saved a enough to buy another piggy bank. Or, perhaps more sensibly, enough to go to the pub with and celebrate the breaking of the old one.

Money not included.

* Dimensions: Height: 24.0cm Width: 18.0cm Depth: 18.0cm
* Weight: 0.6Kg
* Batteries: Energizer Ultraplus - C Battery (2 Pack)

looks like a good price. Play.comhas the same one for 24.70. Delivery is free if you spend £30+

Could get other bits and bobs in there like to makeit up to £30. They do deal of the day or maybe any of the following discounted products:

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Plug n Play Pro TV Skateboarder down to 9.99 from 39.99 -…_gs

Guitar Rockstar down to 3.99 from 11.99 -…_gs

Speeding Grandads (2 pack) down to 1.99 from 7.99 -…748

Or maybe anything else you might want to add.
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Have you seen the hungry piggy bank below it as well…435

watch the video on youtube
Pls try to include price & retailers name in the title, thanks

Have you seen the hungry piggy bank below it as … Have you seen the hungry piggy bank below it as well

I think they change their daily deal all the time - there used to be moocube moenybank before - looked the same as piggy one only like a cow and was the same price as well £2.99 ;-)

OOPS- sorry - I thought you were talkingabout this one -…765

Pls try to include price & retailers name in the title, thanks

thanks - I'll remember this:roll:
Cheers, just ordered this as I have a massive pile of coins at home that I can't be bothered to take to the coin sorting machine at Sainsbury's. Heat added.
Voted hot because of the price, which is what you're supposed to vote hot or cold on;-)

However, from experience, I don't recommend buying this thing or indeed any of the slightly dearer ones as they just aren't worth the money.

They're ok if you have the odd 5 or 6 coins at a time, but don't try to bug more in like when you empty a money box as they very quickly get jammed, have to be shaken and eventually dismantled to rescue the trapped coins:x

It's worth it, just to avoid all the hassle and stress of constantly trying to get this contraption to work for more than 30 seconds, to go the coin counting machines in the supermarkets, get it done there, and give a bit to charity at the same time:thumbsup:
I have one and as long as you don't put too many in at one time they are fine
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