Coke 3L at Tesco for £2

Coke 3L at Tesco for £2

LocalFound 21st Jun 2017
Sharing bottle of Coke and Diet Coke in store at Tesco. 3 litres £2.00
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1st time I see 3L coke in Tesco
Not keen on three litre bottles,normally goes flat about half way
and a pain to store in the fridge!
Same price in Iceland, but I got Pepsi Max 3L for £1.75 instead.
Usually you can 2*1.75 litres for £2 or £2.5
Pepsi Max 3L is a quid in Morrisons atm.

Usually you can 2*1.75 litres for £2 or £2.5

Currently on this offer (2 for £2.50) until 11th July, works out the same per litre

But good spot OP, never seen the 3L in anywhere but Iceland before!
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Anyone else remember when 2L bottles were ALWAYS '2 for £2'?

Then they made the bottles smaller and still did 2 for £2.. now they're giving you 25% less for the same!
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