coke 8 cans for £1.50 wow
coke 8 cans for £1.50 wow

coke 8 cans for £1.50 wow

Buy forBuy forBuy for£1.50
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just been to asda grimsby saw 8 cans for £1.50 but above an big poster it said 2 for £4 !!!!! put 4 in trolly ran to check out £1.50 bargin (i think) only 2nd post so be kind :-)
oh havent checked online (sorry)


Do you know if coke zero was on the offer? many thanks

Got these yesterday.

Billy Bargain. No Diet or Zero, just great full fat coke! (red-cans)

Good price but I only drink the diet type.

with my extra large kebab & chips.

err...im confused... someone clarify please..

8pk for £1.50 (2 for £3)
2 x 8pk for £4.00 (2 for £4)

so the 'poster' deal is more pricier right , but the 8pk deffo goes through at £1.50 still, irrespective of how many packs you buy?

Yeah the post makes no sense!

If it's a pack of "8 cans for £1.50" why would you buy 2 "8 packs" for £4.

Completely confused!

Nonetheless, Woolies do 6 cans of Pepsi (same difference) for a quid if your local store happens to do stock 'em - mine has had them on and off for a year and it's random when they get them in - every once in a while they'll magically appear!

The deal was probably meant to be 2 8 packs of coke for 4 quid., or else 3.20 for a 8 pack. And this is for all varieties, diet coke, coke zero and normal coke. However they did a rollback on the 8 pack for a normal coke to 3.20, and they havent fixed it.

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they had a stack of coke zero next to the ones i got, and i think they hadent changed the poster as they "was" £3.20. i got 4 packs of 8 cans all ran thro at £1.50 each


Good price but I only drink the diet type.with my extra large kebab & … Good price but I only drink the diet type.with my extra large kebab & chips.

Ugghh....The Diet stuff rots your brain causes you to have a stroke. Full of aspartame.

What happened to vanilla coke?

You were very lucky then and must have been a mis-price locally.

I have just been to my store and all 8 packs are labelled up a £3.20 each and are on 2 for £4.

I just bought 4 packs each scanned at £3.20 each and then it took off £4.80 through the offer. bringing it down to £8.00 for the 4 packs I bought

DEFINATELY not £1.50 for an 8pk in Slough Asda... Before I stocked up the trolley I quickly got an 8pk scanned at the self-service tills to check price- was so disappointed- scanned at £3.20 (ouch)..then i pressed 'cancel/ void all items' and needed the SA to come over and void it.. silly moo gave me a boll***ing for 'checking' the price like that- apparantly i 'should've just asked her to do it'..i would've if she didnt have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp- she looked very unapproachable. well..anyway, maybe asda should have those price checking scanning wotsits like they do at Tesco...
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