Coke all types £3 for 6 BOGOF
Coke all types £3 for 6 BOGOF

Coke all types £3 for 6 BOGOF

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That makes 12 cans for £3 pretty cheap by my reckoning. They had stacks of nomal,diet + zero in the Gravesend store today. By the way First post so be gentle.


The tesco deal is cheaper £2.69 for 12 as its on bogoff

As mentioned above, tesco is about 10% cheaper...

its not bogof at all its £2.69 for 6 or 2 packs for £3 like others have said tesco is cheaper so this is cold.

shuddderrrrrr. Its getting cold in here...

6 Packs of Pepsi at Morrison's are on BOGOF @ £2.59

morrisons.co.uk/Off…ry/ :thumbsup:

If your a diet coke drinker, I think this is a better deal as I don't think the Tesco BOGOF includes diet.

Farmfoods do 5 cans of Pepsi for £1. Also 6 cans of Tango for £1.

12pk coke £2.99 in Morrisons!:thumbsup:

I prefer diet coke so this isn't a bad deal pepsi isn't in same league as far as I'm concerned.
I really miss vanilla coke though!!!:-(
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