coke cans 2 packs for £4 BARGAIN @ asda

coke cans 2 packs for £4 BARGAIN @ asda

Found 2nd Jan 2009
buy 2 packs for £4. 8 cans in each pack so 16 cans in total. iv just stocked up. probably nationwide but this was in my local store. morrisons sometimes have this offer on


8 packs in each can that's quite impressive

saw this just 2nite they also have normal cherry coke on offer aswell! luv the stuff hate the diet crap

I think sainsburys also has the same offer

this is pretty standar its in a lot of different supermarkts

can confirm stock of this at Shipley asda as well as the orchard fruits jacques for £2 a bottle

Asda also have 3x2litre bottles of all Coke's for £3.00

Why is coke so expensive when Pepsi is on offer in netto/lidl at 99p for 6?

There's always offers like this around. I stocked up at Asda when it was 15 for £3 now you don't see that often!

i saw this today 2packs of 8 cans each were for £6 at huddersfield. the 15pack was £4.50
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