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Posted 10 June 2024

Coke Zero 24x330ml Cans - Clubcard Price

£6.50£7.5013% off
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Sparkling Low Calorie Soft Drink with Plant Extracts with Sweeteners.The iconic Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar is our sugar free cola, that looks and tastes like Coca‑Cola Original Taste, but without the sugar. Zero Calories, Zero Sugar. This all-time classic is designed with a crisp and unique flavour. Coke Zero Sugar perfect with meals, made for sharing, at home and away, while having a picnic, a BBQ, watching the game or any other occasion. Delicious and refreshing, serve ice cold for maximum enjoyment. Also available in Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lemon, Cherry, Vanilla and Zero Caffeine. Please recycle.
Coca-Cola is the iconic sparkling soft drink, created in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John S. Pemberton. Coke was first offered as a fountain beverage at Jacob's Pharmacy by mixing Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated water, the fabled secret formula for Coca-Cola. Over the years, this truly legendary carbonated soft drink gained a massive cult following. Coca-Cola is famous not only for its great taste but for the feeling it delivers. Every sip of this legendary bubbly cola is a reminder of happy times. Now, its popularity has made it truly universal. Today, you can find Coca-Cola - the carbonated fizzy cola drink full of invigorating and refreshing flavours - in virtually every part of the world.
Coke ZeroSparkling soft drinkSoft drinkZero sugarZero caloriesNo CaloriesCoke without sugarGreat tasteDelicious and refreshingSuitable for VegansSuitable for Vegetarians
Pack size: 7920ML
Zero sugarNo Calories
Tesco More details at

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  1. TashaFoster's avatar
    As usual doesn’t apply to Northern Ireland
    SecretOfMonkeyIsland's avatar
    Yours is Guinness for £6.50 a box ... top of the morning to ya.
  2. barnehurst's avatar
    Needs to be £5 now, after recent offers
  3. aturner123's avatar
    £7.50 at morrisons if you cant get to a teso

    But also what a joke Morrisons are saying RRP is £12. It NEVER was £12. (edited)
    DJ.Mole's avatar
    Yeah that is shocking, must be trying to claim back from all the money off vouchers
  4. DJ.Mole's avatar
    If only it was diet coke! Sick of this urine being on the cheap whilst diet coke isnt!
    sm9690's avatar
    It's £6.75 at Sainsbury's
  5. LAS00's avatar
    Great low price. Prefer Pepsi Max but I'll take Zero at this price. (edited)
  6. SNIPER85's avatar
    Zero sugar means Sweetener instead. Which is lot worse than sugar!
    IceIceLady's avatar
    In terms of?
  7. bucket10's avatar
    Excellent price.

    Farmfoods were selling 12x330ml for £2.99, however with a short date of 25/07/24. 🫣

    This is a much better deal and cheaper.
    pc5020's avatar
    This is more expensive, not cheaper...
  8. SecretOfMonkeyIsland's avatar
    Is this going to be nationwide or store specific price?
    2ToneGuy's avatar
    It's on their website so national runs until 18/06
  9. Dogs_Nads's avatar
    Am I to guess from the recent slew of Coke Zero offers that Coca-Cola is battling desperately to maintain market share? Following the price increases on Classic Coke, due to the sugar tax, have consumers opened their minds to other competitors when they've been 'forced' to change their normal drink?
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    There's been a recent slew of Pepsi Max deals too. So who's battling to maintain market share the most?

    In fairness to Classic Coke, there's literally no competition, as every competing product has changed the recipe to lower sugar with artificial sweeteners. Classic Coke is the only full fat cola available.
  10. Takwo_KAM's avatar
    Does discount also apply on Tesco Express?
  11. HeisenBat's avatar
    These are £9 clubcard price in Tesco Express in Exeter Fore Street.

    Edit: looks like it is £6.50 for delivery only. (edited)
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    It's £6.50 in store as long as you don't go to Tesco Express.
    Online orders are picked from in store stock, and charged using the same prices.
  12. SecretOfMonkeyIsland's avatar
    Picked me up 3x boxes today, great price, £7.50 earlier in the year, thought that was good and this is better. (edited)
  13. SamJee's avatar
    Do they limit you to 3 max in store? Last time these were on offer at Tesco I stocked up
    SecretOfMonkeyIsland's avatar
    If people went stupid and bought like 20x or an entire pallet i am sure they would or at the least other customers would kick off.
  14. SecretOfMonkeyIsland's avatar
    These are sold out already in my local store, and it doesnt expire for another 3 days.
  15. Husla's avatar
    £5.85 with colleague clubcard.. bought some last week.
  16. Velkarian's avatar
    Strange I was just in my tesco and they weren't on offer.
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