Coke Zero Cherry 330ml 6 for £1 minimum spend £17.50 (+P&P from £5.99) @ Approved food

Coke Zero Cherry 330ml 6 for £1 minimum spend £17.50 (+P&P from £5.99) @ Approved food

Found 31st Mar 2017
Approved Food sell food approaching or just past its sell by date, for food that's totally useable. Lots of grocery cupboard bargains.
It's a good way to cut waste and get a good deal.

Delivery is £5.99 for orders up to 25kg, so whilst you obviously wouldn't want to by 6 cans on their own, it's worth it if you make up an order.
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or 12 cans from Poundstretcher for £2.50.... 24 cans of Pepsi from Iceland/Farmfoods for a fiver (when on offer/available), so for me, 6 cans of out of date plus the requirement to buy more out of date food PLUS spend £5.99 on delivery is far from an offer...... Surprised that site is still operational, buying whole pallets for pennies then either selling just under the going rate or at the actual going rate, they think everyone lives in London and are all millionaires when in fact you can buy most stuff from the supermarket cheaper and IN DATE.....
£2.10 for 12 in our Pound Stretcher store, choice of sugar free or normal too. Ordered a few things from that site that were supposed to be bargains but it turned out that overall they cost the same as the likes of Asda and the quality was dire. £1 for 6 bags of stale crisps, rank. Never again.
Hahaha nothing wrong with approved foods I work in retail for 25 years in major chain supermarkets and some of items are really cheap and in date code . Use MARSHIP3 for half price delivery maximum spent of £17.50
When I have drunk coke close to it's sell by date I found it had turned into fizzy (although somewhat flat) water.

My only issue is it's cherry flavour. Yuck.
they did a £2.99 per order all of march and looks like they are doing again for April as my email had the advert on it. I have used both Approved Food and Clearance XL for a while now. Poubdstretcher no longer deliver and nor do poundland. Asda has an absolutely diabolical delivery service and there are a lot of good bargains. if you have had stale crisps, you have been unlucky. they don't just sell food and not that much is actually out of date. I think they are great websites to reduce food waste, for those on budgets and to buy in bulk for charities to feed the homeless.
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