Cokezone - FIFA 13 PS3 or Need for Speed Most Wanted- 400 Points

Cokezone - FIFA 13 PS3 or Need for Speed Most Wanted- 400 Points

Found 26th Dec 2012
Wasn't sure if this should be posted in Freebies ?
Cokezone have added some games to their website. If you've been waiting for something decent on their site to spend your cokezone points then this might be of interest.
FIFA 13 - PS3
Need for Speed Most Wanted - PS3

(Cokezone Points are the free points you get for entering codes of Coke bottes)
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Not really a freebie though, you have to to drink at least 100 litres of coke!! My maths is probably wrong!!
you would have to buy 140 2l bottles of coke or 500ml bottles to get 420 points because i think it something like 3 points per bottle
Not a freebie, but many thanks for the heads-up!

Stuck a note on the works recycling bins asking for CokeZone points and been collecting for some time. Got enough for 4x PS3 controllers! Straight on eBay when they arrive. Merry Christmas!
62 points short... no doubt they will have gone by the time I have enough
Not a new 'deal' or heads up as it was posted a couple days back, well the title was for the 90 day PS+ but the Fifa 13 and NFS are mentioned in the description. Also don't forget to add that the dual shock controller is also 400 points.…917
Edited by: "fowler002" 27th Dec 2012
9 points...391 short
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