Cokezone xbox arcade console 600 points

Cokezone xbox arcade console 600 points

Found 2nd Mar 2009
in stock at the time im writing

xbox 360 for 600 points with some games, (another hero reward?)

not bad if you doubled your points on valantines day

first post like this so not sure if I have to add a link


you have to spend 300 pounds plus on coke so not really worth it when you can buy one of these for 99.00 from game startion


you have to spend 300 pounds plus on coke so not really worth it when you … you have to spend 300 pounds plus on coke so not really worth it when you can buy one of these for 99.00 from game startion

it does come with some games though :whistling:

Well £200 really.

2 litre bottles can often be had for a pound each and they have 3 points.

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well if you drink the stuff , and get family to save you their bottles its not too bad,

its actually 200 pounds , 3 points on a 2lt bottle ( 2for £2 at morrisons) = 600 points

plus if your referred I think you get 20 points plus 2 for registering and 2 for doing the survey so onlt 576 points needed

home bargains 2 points for 45p 500ml coke zero, the cheapest way at the mo,

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anyway me and my partner both got one, so snap em up while they last

this is where i wish i'd saved my points instead of wasting them on entering their prize draws

... and you do get to keep the Coke afterwards of course. Its all I drink and I've not bought any since before Xmas!

I can't find this advertised on the Coke Zone site - normally it says sold out if they have sold out!

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there were 97 available and will be released in batches between now and the 31 of march , so it hasnt expired, just the first batch must of sold

so you ll just have to keep an look out for when they release more, it was same with the erricson phone ,youd see them around for an hour then theyd be gone and re appear a week later.

No warning but an Xbox just arrived at my door

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ours arrived today also , missed the delivery man yesterday

and ive still got 600 points in an account , so wondering if there are going to be regular monthly specials, dont forget to click earn 2 points on their new poll,

still got enough cola to last till april

I wish they still did points on the 10 can packs. I still have 200+ in the garage tho

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well I got a promo email from cokezone today and it says at the bottom look out for promotional packs of cans 10 and 12 packs ,

a bit cheeky but i returned the scene it game to hmv ( they sell them for 39.99), swapped it for 2 for £30 games, sonic unleashed ,wall E and a nice hdmi cable

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noticed tescos have the new fridge packs back in , 2 for a fiver , so twenty points , I had some promo vouchers sent from tesco save £7 (the rest were £5) on a fifty spend , anyhow saves adding then 2/3 at a time ,I get fed up with being locked out,

saw the xboxs were avail again last monday for a short while before dissapearing again

Ooooo will have to keep an eye out for the special fridge packs

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roll on next month im bored with the xbox promo now, Id like netbooks on there or even macbooks :-) imadgine theyd be several thousand points
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