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Found 15th Nov 2014Found 15th Nov 2014
Refresh your thirst with the Premier League Away Days app! Get a free 500ml bottle of Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero at your local One Stop to refresh you at the game! Download… Read more

Is that all you can do? Come on!


Facebook, my friend


please tell us more about how you knew before everyone else.


Interesting.. it had potential then, shame about the instructions as people gave up on it :)


As it happens, it has been posted before over a month ago, but with less instructions and less heat

See the Coke Christmas Truck With Free Photo & Coke
Found 7th Nov 2014Found 7th Nov 2014
See the Coke Christmas Truck With Free Photo & Coke
I have to say it "Holidays are coming, holidays are coming!" Click the link to search using your postcode to see when and where the truck will be stopping near you. As in previou… Read more

BUMP! ;)


cheap publicity. did you know the image of Santa Claus was resurrected by coke because people just did not drink enough of their cr!p during winter. cold to this one on a matter of principle.


Used to stop at a lot more places than it does now - cheapskate coca cola bigwigs boo Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi


Hmm, I do like trucks


advert sings holidays are coming, and then a santa drinking cola. i dont get the tingly feeling some people say they do, when they see the ad, and think omg its now xmas. it came too our town last year and blocked all the roads up :D didnt the santa in the add die, sorry kids, not the real santa, just a actor, the real santa is busy with his elves making toys :)

Share a coke event- free personalised bottle, London, Liverpool, Glasgow,Cornwall (Boardmasters Festival), V festival Chelmsford, Cardiff
Found 14th Jul 2014Found 14th Jul 2014
Share a coke event- free personalised bottle, London, Liverpool, Glasgow,Cornwall (Boardmasters Festival), V festival Chelmsford, Cardiff
We’re taking Share a Coke on tour! Join us at one of six locations across England, Scotland and Wales. At the Share a Coke party pod you can claim your free personalised bottle an… Read more
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And it's not personal just from a list of 500,000 names so you can't put your first and last name


Whats with this whole putting your name on a drink thing? Pointless really.


£1.99 for a 200ml bottle plus £2.95 postage :(


The Coke tour at Tesco cost money which has different dates and locations from the stand alone Coke tour (free bottle). As there is no (free) Coke tour near me this year i think i may order the 200ml personalised glass bottles which are £1.99, free delivery if you order 6 bottles.


Going to be rammed as anything free brings out the beast in people

Free tickets to get your photograph taken with the World Cup.
Found 27th Feb 2014Found 27th Feb 2014
Free tickets to get your photograph taken with the World Cup.
Sponsored by Coca Cola, various locations throughout UK, get your photograph taken, upto 4 tickets per application. Sign up and receive your tickets instantly at the venue you choo… Read more
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Went to Manchester today. It was quite good, and they weren't checking tickets, they were just letting anybody through the security guards were just saying anyone could go in and didn't need tickets. Kids got a free football, and a photo to take into school tomorrow to show their mates. Thanks again OP.


Any one have 1 spare ticket for Manchester would really make my day...thanks ;0)


wow lots of coments


is it not


Does anyone know if this will be a replica trophy or the genuine one?

diet coke for free magazine
Found 20th Feb 2014Found 20th Feb 2014
diet coke for free magazine
Your Diet Coke break. FREE MAGAZINE WITH EVERY PROMOTIONAL PACK How do I get a promotional code? Buy a promotional pack and click on your pack below to find out where the code is… Read more

Agree should be in deals


More of a deal as you have to purchase a Diet Coke.

Found 14th Dec 2013Found 14th Dec 2013
Discover All-Stars Island, a new mobile game for iOS and Android from PlayStation™ and Coke Zero. Choose from four gaming legends, including Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Cole MacGrath… Read more

Cheap, nasty and shamelessly plagued with advertising.


Looks like an endless runner for everyone who's stopped playing Temple Run.

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Free! Coke and photo with the Christmas truck!
Found 9th Nov 2013Found 9th Nov 2013
Free! Coke and photo with the Christmas truck!
"The famous Coca-Cola Christmas truck is on its way around the country! We’ve researched the nation’s Kindness Hotspots – the towns and cities that bring the most joy to others in … Read more
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oh northern Ireland got a truck for a day to Belfast in November... isn't that great... not. have facebooked them and said they are considering trying better next year. wont hold breath.


I'm from Luton and I'm very happy it is coming here, however there is a misunderstanding in your geography. Leagrave is in fact a main area within Luton. Yes it has it's own train station but Luton has 3. (Luton, Leagrave and airport parkway)


Deal!! :)




Time to track that truck down.

2 for 1 printable voucher for Merlin Attractions, including Alton Towers (see first post)
Found 13th Apr 2013Found 13th Apr 2013
See first post for full list THESE VOUCHERS HAVE BEEN USED BY MANY MEMBERS AND NO PROBLEMS OCCURRED!!! Here are the vouchers the guy on ebay is selling separately :) Free Parkin… Read more

It's closed at the mo, you really need to wait until it reopens There is an annual pass deal if you go regularly


Where I can get voucher of Thorpe park


Yes. Includes scarefest


Is it valid during scarefest?


can u send them in the post

Benefit cosmetic lipgloss for 150 points at
Found 7th Mar 2013Found 7th Mar 2013
Benefit cosmetic lipgloss for 150 points at
this uses to be 300 points but now it only 150 points . If you were saving your points now you can exchange them for this . Drench your lips in a Benefit lip gloss to give them t… Read more

if you don't log into cokezone for a few months they remove all of your points as I just discovered :(

Need for speed most wanted PS3  400 Points @ CokeZone
Found 19th Jan 2013Found 19th Jan 2013
Need for speed most wanted PS3 400 Points @ CokeZone
Great reward for your points!

Yes they do but if you give them a quick email they will return all the points.


Steal your points if you are "inactive". Don't bother, save yourself a few hundred quid, save your teeth and drink tap water.


Good if you have points to spend and not get wasted becuase i wasn't trying to get points and had 450 from over the years.


great reward? a 30quid game for 280pounds worth of points? what a load of crap


"Sold out"

Cokezone - FIFA 13 PS3 or Need for Speed Most Wanted- 400 Points
Found 26th Dec 2012Found 26th Dec 2012
Cokezone - FIFA 13 PS3 or Need for Speed Most Wanted- 400 Points
Wasn't sure if this should be posted in Freebies ? Cokezone have added some games to their website. If you've been waiting for something decent on their site to spend your cokezone… Read more

9 points...391 short


Not a new 'deal' or heads up as it was posted a couple days back, well the title was for the 90 day PS+ but the Fifa 13 and NFS are mentioned in the description. Also don't forget to add that the dual shock controller is also 400 points.


62 points short... no doubt they will have gone by the time I have enough :(


Not a freebie, but many thanks for the heads-up! Stuck a note on the works recycling bins asking for CokeZone points and been collecting for some time. Got enough for 4x PS3 controllers! Straight on eBay when they arrive. Merry Christmas!


you would have to buy 140 2l bottles of coke or 500ml bottles to get 420 points because i think it something like 3 points per bottle

90 Day Playstation Plus Membership 250 Cokezone Points
Found 24th Dec 2012Found 24th Dec 2012
90 Day Playstation Plus Membership 250 Cokezone Points
Just happened to go on the cokezone website to enter some codes and thought id have a browse of the rewards to see if theres any new ones been added and stumbled across this. 90 da… Read more

Not sure why expire ... I just claimed this! Been saving up for a while for something decent to get.


Really? How does that happen? Its only an old hukd page? Probs best avoided then, it was an ipod touch for 400 points and deal telling folk to go to the supermarket and buy a hundred quids worth! I went to woolworths on the day it closed its doors and bought 170 500ml bottles on 2 for £1.50 and 50% off everything at the till! Got my ipod touch and a LOAD of coke for about 70quid!


my AV just warned me this link is malware


If u peel the label off they are printed on the bottle where the label is


Last time I think these where on the cardboard of boxes, in a card on the 6/8 packs. On the ring pulls of the single cans, and etched on to the plastic of the bottles

Coke's Free Drinks for Designated Driver promotion returns (Pub BOGOF)
Found 7th Dec 2012Found 7th Dec 2012
Coke's Free Drinks for Designated Driver promotion returns (Pub BOGOF)
Coke's "Designated Driver" promotion returns (started yesterday, 06/12/12)... ___________________ Designated drivers can buy one, get one free on Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero at … Read more

TBH every Wednesday and Friday evening (busiest nights) I'd guess we go through 10-15 boxes of Coke, maybe another 4-5 on Tues & Thurs evenings and maybe 2-3 during the day shifts. Probably less than half that for diet and Schweppes and at a guess 8-10 per week of Relentless. No idea who the supplier is, though I do know we still make a decent profit when staff buy it half price at 70p per pint and we don't lose much through the more senior staff who get it for free whilst working.


Had more level 2s than level 1s, so happy to swap one, bud ;)


Cheers Late, didn't for one minute expect you to go for that. That's given me all my level twos no so tanks. Welcome to the 1500 club. Well not all, missing three but I've already got a vita and an ipad so not one of the prizes I'm aiming for (although any prize would be nice just to say you won something).


Deal. Thanks ;)


Just took it from 1499 degrees to 1502! Congrats (that's a badge you owe me, or a level two common flamedeer).

2 Free Coke Zone Points, Just take part in a simple vote @ Coke Zone
Found 9th Nov 2012Found 9th Nov 2012
2 Free Coke Zone Points, Just take part in a simple vote @ Coke Zone
Sniffing around for some extra points? Here's the deal: you take part in our polls and we'll give you some bonus points! Direct Link:… Read more

300 bottles of coke for 4 cinema tickets?!? Wow


Was saving for a games console a few years back - needed 400 points. As I got to about 350 they raised it to 600 points. When I was at about 500 they raised it to 800 points. And when I was at about 700 they announced they're stopping giving big prizes soon but you've got 2 months left. And the games console is now 1200 points. Gits. :( (Partly my own fault. I was late to join the scheme, and must've binned hundreds of points before I signed up...) I still put the points on, out of habit, but there's nothing worth getting. I cashed in 600 a while back for four cinema tickets, and have about 1200 sat in my account.


Agreed, I was saving up for ages to get a really high-priced reward, like a games console or something, but they deleted my points as I had almost reached my goal, due to the points expiring... I'm sorry, but what reward scheme allows your points to expire?! ****holes!!


The fridge magnet are crap. I got a few free in box packs and never used them coz they are ugly. Don't do contests. Use it for something that you will use get. I have entered over 50 and never won anything. All the time wasted entering codes.,..


Shame the good rewards have gone from the site

5 Free coke zone points
Found 6th Sep 2012Found 6th Sep 2012
5 Free coke zone points
Don’t know how helpful this is, but 5 free points, just enter: LIKECOKEZERO

did not work for me


as long as you access account once within 90 days you will be ok and as they give you 2 bonus points for answering a survey question each month this shouldn't be an issue


COLD! You need to keep adding more points, otherwise after a certain period, your balance gets wiped off. WTF?


cheers! I now have a grand total of 32 points!


That offer finished ages ago.

£5 of £20 spend at Benefit with Coca-Cola
Found 13th Jan 2012Found 13th Jan 2012
£5 of £20 spend at Benefit with Coca-Cola
Promotional packs/cans of Coca Cola On the ringpul is a code you go onto and enter the code which generates a one-of code that gets you £5 off a £20 spend with Ben… Read more

no :)


Use more than one code. If so its potentially a good deal. Otherwise its just a small discount off an already overpriced product.


how do you mean stack the codes??


Can you stack the codes?


Love Benefit! Thanks!

Free Coca Cola Covent Garden today until 8:00pm
Found 21st Dec 2011Found 21st Dec 2011
Free Coca Cola Covent Garden today until 8:00pm
There is a coca cola truck in Covent Garden giving out free can of coke one each you can also take a picture with the truck and download online There are also other locations.

I can see why they open them,it did make me laugh though,i didn't bother,didn't want someone elses grubby hands opening it lol


You only get one of the very small cans which they must open before they hand it to you


If you can be "bothered" to post a comment like that i guess you can be


Wow - 5 minutes away from me CAN I be bothered?

FIFA 12 PS3 ON COKEZONE 350 points
Found 15th Dec 2011Found 15th Dec 2011
FIFA 12 PS3 ON COKEZONE 350 points
First time post be gentle but i have just noticed that Cokezone have Fifa 12 for the ps3 available for 350 points 1000 available be quick they have been pretty poor all year for re… Read more
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received mine on weds :o)


Not sure on delivery times but did the same last year and received them surprisingly very quickly but with it being the last week before Christmas not really expecting to receive it before.


when would you get this?


thanks :)


2L bottle gets you 3 coke zone points

Free can of coke
Found 6th Dec 2011Found 6th Dec 2011
Free can of coke
Search your town for when coke trucks is near you.
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Well, I wasn't talking about me personally.. but yeah, actually now you come to mention it, I tend to breathe on the ring-pull part and wipe it before I open a can - not that I drink from many cans, but I figured as you picked me up on a hypothetical point I'd explore it further for you :p


u didnt miss was a mini can of diet coke...not the original stuff :( ..prefer pepsi anyway




Yes the South-East of England is a total void beyond b***dly Bexhill! You would thought they would have at minimum done Canterbury. Nice one Coca Cola omit the most densely populated part of this country.



3 free soft drinks for designated drivers (Northern Ireland)
Found 29th Nov 2011Found 29th Nov 2011
3 free soft drinks for designated drivers (Northern Ireland)
Coca cola's designated driver promotion returns offering three free soft drinks from the coca cola range for designated drivers, across Northern Ireland. You can, for the first ti… Read more
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Wow this is fab. There's even 3 pubs local to me doing it. Happy days :) Thanks op.

TallerPaul If you zoom in theres loads of places in northern ireland but only some seem to be showing their names


Its all swings and roundabouts...i do hear quite a few comments like,"no free delivery to NI" when people are talking about deals. But you also get free drinks when you go out- take a hip flask with your favourite tipple and you are away :)


where the blooming hell is the pub finder cant see it


Brilliant for my group of friends where we take it in turns to be a designated driver.