Cold Feet:  -  Complete Collection   -  11 DVD  Box Set   -  £16.99  Delivered

Cold Feet: - Complete Collection - 11 DVD Box Set - £16.99 Delivered

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Great price for this Box Set. Nearest price I can find is £24.75

This fantastic box set features all the episodes from all 5 Series of ITV's hit series, Cold Feet, the bitter sweet comedy of the lives of three young couples living in Manchester. Relive the ups and downs of relationships, friendships, births, marriages, divorce, affairs and heartache over the years.


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And HMV are giving 10% quidco today, bringing the price down by another, well, £1.69

I LOVE Cold Feet. Already have them all or would snap this up.

Bargain-the cheapest price for series 5 on it's own is £12.99!

Great series thanKS !

My daughter and I loved the series, thanks very much.

Never seen any, so at that price will give it a go. Also they have Season 1 'Las Vegas' for £7.99. Madness!

brilliant series, baragain at this price


Was going to buy this any day for my friends birthday, you've just saved me £10

Thanks brill price for brill series! :santa:


:thinking: AWSOME just what i was looking for to get my wife back into the bedroom. Hopefully lol

PS ive moved the dvd player to the bedroom.

Great deal thanks, ordered mine through quico. heat left.

thanks, I've gone for this



Never seen any, so at that price will give it a go. Also they have … Never seen any, so at that price will give it a go. Also they have Season 1 'Las Vegas' for £7.99. Madness!

Lucky you! I wish I hadnt seen them so I would have the chance to watch all over again. Brilliant series'.

This is an excellent series and one which me and the wife have watched many times, its a series which will invoke an emotional response somewhere along the line, superb price. HOT HOT HOT

thanx for this, had forgotten how much the mrs loves this - another pressie for xmas - cheers OP:thumbsup:

So, has anyone received theirs? Its passed the deadline for Xmas orders to be delivered and mine is "on special order with suppliers" still.

I've still not received mine and it still doesn't look like it has been sent yet. It'll just have to be a late xmas pressie for my missus.

Not received mine either.

I'm sure most people ordered for Xmas, it's a bit lame that they havent got them out on time, espeically considering they were in stock at the time of my order, and that for the past weeks theyve been showing on the site as "Deleivered in 1 week".

Yep, mine still awaiting stock from supplier, and i dont even get polite emails apologising - anoher xmas gift for after xmas

I got an apologetic email from hmv today saying it has now been dispatched... there's hope itll turn up before christmas but, of course, the irony is that the person I bought it for went away for christmas yesterday. Heh.

It says £24.99 now


It says £24.99 now

Has been a while now.

Waited weeks for despatch then when they get around to despatch my card has expired for payment. GOt email and phoned them same day with new card details only to be told my order that was waiting to be send is now OOS even thoughn they said I had 2 days to confirm card details.

To top it off HMV had it marked as sstill in stock on the site for days and still probably do yet mine is on special order from supplier.


EDIT- just checked and yes its in stock lol cause it is NOT!!!
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