Cold Pressed Slow Juicer £54.97 @ Appliances Direct
Cold Pressed Slow Juicer £54.97 @ Appliances Direct

Cold Pressed Slow Juicer £54.97 @ Appliances Direct

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RRP £149.98, though its £74.99 on Amazon.

Good reviews, good spec and a good price.

You decide!

The ElectrIQ cold pressed slow juicer is the healthiest and best way to extract juice from fruit, vegetables and even nuts, with very little waste. This powerful masticating juicer is fitted with the latest slow mastication technology to extract nutrient rich juice that will be perfect for helping with weight loss, diets or even just to get you on the road towards a healthy lifestyle.

So what is it that makes this juicer so healthy we hear you ask? Well it's very simple really… It crushes and squeezes your fruit rather than shredding it, and instead of spinning really fast, it spins really slow (the powerful 400 watt motor allows the juicer to spin at just 60 RPM!).

But why is this healthier? Again, there's a really simple answer. By crushing and squeezing your fruit the juicer can extract more juice from the fruit, and by spinning slowly it retains the maximum amount of nutrients in your juice as well as making sure all the great flavours aren't lost.

How is slow spinning healthier and surely it takes longer? You'd think so, but it doesn't! You'll get the juice just as quickly with a slow spinning juicer as you would with a traditional fast spinning juicer, but you get the added health benefits from a slow juicer. A fast spinning juicer creates friction heat which then destroys a lot of the nutrients that are so good for you. This slow spinning juicer makes sure all of those nutrients make their way into your juice and become a part of your healthy lifestyle! The slow spinning technology also means there is minimal oxidation so your juice will stay fresher for longer.

How easy is it to clean? Very easy! The juicer comes with a nifty little cap attached to the chute that your juice comes out of. It means you can close the cap, pour in some water, give it a whirl and you'll find the juicer has been flushed out and there is a lot less cleaning for you to do! To finish off the cleaning all you have to do is use the provided cleaning brush while the parts of the juicer are under water and that's it, your juicer is clean!

How much room will it take up in your kitchen? Not much room at all! This juicer has been designed to take up minimal room in your kitchen. Its solid and stylish stainless steel body is much slimmer than most other masticating juicers and is also much more durable than other juicers made from plastic.

Can I make more than just juice? Yes! The ElectrIQ cold pressed juicer has 2 juicing screens, one that creates smooth juice and another that is coarse and let's more pulp through so you can make smoothies as well!

It's BPA free! This means that all the plastic used for parts of this juicer are BPA free which means there is no risk of any plastic chemicals seeping into your juice!

The best benefits...

Juices all fruits, nuts and vegetables
Extracts all the healthy nutrients
Quieter than your average juicer
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Retains the great flavours of your fruit and vegetables
Easy to assemble and store
BPA and Phthalate Free
Smart mixing valve that allows you to continue mixing so you can create the smoothest possible juice

Key Features:

Low gear speed - only 60 RPM
Powerful 400 watt motor
High Juice Yield and Less Waste
Self-cleaning blade
Super Strong plastic auger and 2 juicing screens (coarse and fine) supplied as standard
Built in reverse function eliminates clogging - ideal for long continuous juicing
Large 1 litre juice and pulp containers

Supplied with recipes and nutrition guidelines


great juicer - as good as the ones double the price (and more!)

Original Poster

Do you have one?

Andrew James does one for a similar price (here)

I'm wondering if there is much or any difference between them...
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'Cold dePressed Slow Juicer'.

Sounds like an ex-gf of mine.

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Do you have one?Andrew James does one for a similar price (here)I'm … Do you have one?Andrew James does one for a similar price (here)I'm wondering if there is much or any difference between them...

I have got the same dilemma now. This or the Andrew James which I was going to buy before I saw this offer?

Yeah I do. Really good and matches up with some of the bigger brands that cost loads more. It looks visually similar to the one youve posted but I cant see much spec info but wouldnt surprise me if they were very close in spec

there is one difference i can spot between the two that make this one stronger, the electriq one has a stopper over where the juice comes out which means if closed whilst juicing, all the different juices mix up by themselves which is quite useful


'Cold Pressed Slow Juicer'.Sounds like an ex-gf of mine.





It's good that children are taking an interest in trying to eat healthier

Anyone have any good recipe websites for this juicer?
I can see myself using it 1month or two then it stays in the cupboard indefinately ..

Hmm, could use this to extract apple juice for homebrew cider...

fyi plus postage..

Edit: Which interestingly brings it very close to prices for places like debenhams etc.. so, not so much of a deal anymore. you maybe saving £1 or something.

£14.99 postage to NI so not one for me.
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