Coleman Comfort Bed Phthalate Free Double Airbed - Green £19.95 @ Amazon

Coleman Comfort Bed Phthalate Free Double Airbed - Green £19.95 @ Amazon

Found 5th Nov 2010
Product Features
Phthalate free for a kinder, more environmentally friendly airbed.
Dual air chamber allows each user to define their own level of firmness.
The internal coil structure provides support.
Airtight system: featuring the Coleman Double Lock valve.
Thick, puncture resistant PVC is extremely durable.
PVC thickness: 0.4 mm (bottom) and 0.6 mm on top (flocked). The 0.6 mm thick PVC on the top of the airbed creates a strong airbed that holds up to 270 kg.
The flocked surface provides comfort.
Polyester storage bag included.
Repair kit included.
Dimensions: 188 x 137 x 22 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg


Lucky it's mail order. I couldn't go into a shop and ask for one without showering the sales assistant.

depending on what you really need this for (& widh to avoid a bad back) please consider something from the likes of Alpkit, I've for a fat Airic (new mdel now out) which is a single (admittedly) but light & compact, despite being heaviest in the range at the time, & is honestly more comfortable than alot of hotel beds I've had to endure.
cheap air beds don't mean anything if you've got to fork out on a chiropractor for a session or two on your back!:|

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agreed - i have bought it so we've an extra bed we can setup in the lounge

I have this airbed as well as a Coleman one with built in 4D pump.

Whilst this bed doesn't have the build in pump, it is much more comfortable thanks to the two zones. It's not a gimmick, it works really well both when sharing the airbed as well as when on your own (if you sleep across the two zones you get less airbed "up and downy" feeling when moving around on it.
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