Coleman Cool Box - 100QT Xtreme Cooler £85.99 from Garden4less

Coleman Cool Box - 100QT Xtreme Cooler £85.99 from Garden4less

Found 24th Jul 2013
I have been on the lookout for a good passive cool box for camping. I wanted something which provided at least 3-4 days of chilling for milk and other comestibles.

I had my eye on the Coleman Xtreme series of cool boxes, which have a purported cooling period of 5 days.

Been eyeing the 50 Qt one which was once available for as low as 50 quid, but I missed the deal.

Came across this 100Qt one in garden4less but they did not have it in stock. however, they emailed me today that it is back in stock at an excellent price of 85.99. So I ordered it and decided to share it here forthwith.

I guess it is a bit of an overkill for 2 people camping, but i reckon you end up filling whatever space is available especially when camping in smaller, more remote sites.

hope this helps.

Here is the blurb

94 Ltr Xtreme Cooler Box

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler Range provides superior cold retention, you can keep ice cold for up to 5 days. This cooler has a hinged lid with deep beverage holders. The lid takes elastic cords for additional storage. Two-way handles for easier lifting and storing.

Dimensions 92.1cm x 41.3cm x 43.8cm

Approximate internal dimensions L-78cm x W-32cm x H-30cm
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These are also used for can convert them into a Mash Tun.. something i want to do in the future thou this one's a little expensive still for me.

If you ever see Rubbermaid (not talking about the Anne Summers costumes here before any smart comments get added) water coolers for sale in the UK.. or anyone is aware of such stockits please PM.
my husband is just getting into home brewing. i will pass this info on to him.
it is expensive and I had to think hard about it. the last two times with our 10 pound asda cool box was pretty ineffective. so yet another camping toy.
They are good, but seen these at £65 last year, take the 5 day thing with a pinch of salt. Use 1 litre frozen bottles to cool it, pre cool it and keep it full.
I was looking at the 36QT earlier this week after my friend took one on our last camping trip and the left over food was still frozen solid after 4 days. If packed correctly, these things are fantastic.
The 36QT is a little small, but this bad boy seems to be more the ticket........
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