Coleman event shelter xl 15 foot £76.90 Amazon

Coleman event shelter xl 15 foot £76.90 Amazon

Found 26th Sep 2016
I've never used or owned but looks cool, reduced from over £200.

There's a smaller one which more expensive.

Product Description

Providing protection from both sun and light rain, the Event Shelter's distinctive, simple and yet solid structure is quick and easy to set up. Featuring Coleman UV guard for increased protection against UV rays the Event Shelter is available with a full range of coordinating accessories, adding flexibility to your outdoor event.

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About Coleman

Coleman combine high quality materials, experience and a quest to offer products that focus on your comfort, convenience and performance, wherever your adventure takes you
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ive read mixed reviews on these.
This is very bargainous but be warned, this is the model with only 600mm hydrostatic head so it won't be as waterproof as you might need, especially if you've left electrical items in there.
But that said, it is still a bargain for fair weather campers so heat added
Why expire? Amazon have put it up by a pound and a few pennies. Still a deal IMO.
I recommend the 3m² Outwell Dakota Shelter instead. 2000mm Hydrostatic Head, much quicker to erect. Can be found for £70ish.
I bought one in Sept 2015 in a similar end-of-season mark down and only started using it this year. It is HUGE. You don't quite get what 4.5mx4.5m is in your garden, even if you know the measurements until you put it up. The frame is made of steel tubes joined by some chain-style links to ensure they are in the right order. Takes me, on my own, about 45 mins to put up from the point of unpacking.

I did notice the extra drop in price, and now it's back up a little but is still well worth the money. Normally sells for about £130 the rest of the year from Amazon and £160+ elsewhere.

They don't recommend leaving it up in the sun for extended periods and I am not going to test this - they do a "deluxe" one for 2x-4x the price that is meant for longer "professional" use.

I would recommend, even at the current £85-£90 price - just put it in the shed until next year.

PS It's quite big and heavy even packed up.
I've got the smaller one and it's pretty good- very stable in high winds (but get rid of the rubbish pegs that come with it and buy some decent rock pegs). The ties that hold the outer on to the frame at the bottom of each leg are poor quality and 2 of mine have some un-stitched, but it doesn't seem to affect the stability of it once erected so not overly concerned.

Good value even at the slightly higher price.
Sth like this probz costs like a pound to make and a fiver to buy in china. Even with the discount i dont think its worth £76
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