Colgate pocket pro @boots UPDATE FOUND EVEN CHEAPER!

Colgate pocket pro @boots UPDATE FOUND EVEN CHEAPER!

LocalFound 14th Jan
Sonicare travel toothbrush. Rave reviews on amazon or anywhere you look. 15.00 black or white. Morrisons stores online and instore.
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Looked on Amazon. One 3 star review????
Really il go get the 600 5 star then shall i ?
Cant please everyone this is a very cheap sonicare brush.
aajax4215 m ago

Looked on Amazon. One 3 star review????

Honest trust pilot and google this is a steal. Some people successfully selling for 79.99
Just depends if u can handle sonicare in comparison to a spinning or oscalating brush. Its light weight and can reach even the wisdom teeth with ease due to a small brush head. Theres more powerful versions i wanted a small ine for travelling.
Lovely man posted this other day a snip at 13.20 but they went to 00s in hrs so this was the next best price i sourced and got myself.
It's not "Sonicare" per se, as it's not made by Philips and doesn't have the branding. It's (I assume) a Sonic Toothbrush. Not sure how these measure up in comparison to Sonicare in day-to-day use/six monthly dental checkups, though.

Here's a more in-depth independent review…ew/

As for me, I went with the Lloyds £2.55 "31,000 strokes a minute" toothbrush, as my travel brush when I don't have my Sonicare…430
(they took forever to process my order, though - can't offer user experience, as I haven't picked mine up yet!)
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Sounds awesome i saw that but im the kid that wanted the case x
Just got round to using this. Absolute brilliance. I normally use a 200 pound oral b. Omg thats redundant nlw.
I feel like av been to dental hygenist this is very good trumps oral b and ive got the fancy timer one. I felt like i was sanding my teeth.
Morrisons site a pain to use so ordered from amazon for £18:99
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Minimum spend £40
Just found it even cheaper in boots. Im using this a week teeth are gleaming WHITE X
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