Colgate Pro Sensitive Toothpaste £2 @ Asda

Colgate Pro Sensitive Toothpaste £2 @ Asda

Found 5th Nov 2016Made hot 6th Nov 2016
shiny shiny Carol Smiley..Colgate Pro Sensitive down from £3.87 to £2.00...Helping to keep yer gob from smelling like a dog kennel carpet. Could be national..


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sorry it's Asda... Nottingham....been a long day think I am about to OD on my
dentist said...if you are going to go out ...go on a smile

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nothing against Carol Smiley of course...

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also any autocorrect mistake..should have been yer gob...oh my god too much toothpaste


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so could toothpaste stop global warming if we all brushed our teeth and smiled at the sun a lot...yer know. reflected the sun un' all that.........I'll get me coat!

usually it is a pound in poundland… sorry cold…
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