Colin Mcrae DiRT for XBOX 360 £24.97 Tesco Instore

Colin Mcrae DiRT for XBOX 360 £24.97 Tesco Instore

Found 15th Sep 2007Made hot 15th Sep 2007
39.99 online, I've just picked this up for 24.97 instore (clubcard points too!!).


It has nothing to do with it. There's a new Rally game coming out called Sega Rally. They want everyone to buy DIRT asap before it becomes old news.

Codemasters is a UK publisher, and thus they are very competitive here. Plus superstores often sell games at a loss knowing people will come in and do their weekly shop (where the real profit is)

Getting back to really on topic. It is a really superb rally game.



It's very sad. I have always said that even if I was a millionaire with … It's very sad. I have always said that even if I was a millionaire with money to burn I would never trust a helicopter!They are prone to falling from the sky! Also you really have no option to bail out which makes them the most dangerous means of traveling in my opinion.Don't see why people want to use these things! Leave it to the army!R.I.P Col

LOL - people fly in them because of the convenience! Simple really. Walking the same distance is statistically far more dangerous. Some people really make me laugh but I'm in stitches now. I'd love to see the safe way of getting out of an airliner plunging to the runway at 200mph. Then again, i expect you don't use them either.............

Getting back on topic this is a good price heat added.If you want to post about Colin Mcrae this is not the place there is a seperate thread here



I've removed a lot of the posts, as its not really appropriate for the Hot deals section. If you wish to discuss the tragic death of Colin Mcrae please do so in the discussion thread in the Miscellaneous section:

]>>> Colin McRae (RIP) Discussion Thread

Thats still a good price.

Not sure if the price is the same online, but they have triple clubcard points until the 30th Sept when you buy anything online.

Might be worth checking.


My friend has had trouble getting this instore. He went into 3 Tesco's with none on the shelves. When he asked at the counter. They said had been recalled as a result of what happened at the weekend and did not know when they would be back on the shelves. Anyone seen them instore in the last couple of days?
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