Colin Mcrae Dirt Xbox 360 £5 Instore @ Sainsburys plus more!

Colin Mcrae Dirt Xbox 360 £5 Instore @ Sainsburys plus more!

Found 21st Feb 2009Made hot 21st Feb 2009
Was just in Sainsburys at Braehead, Glasgow and saw this deal in the entertainment blitz section. Its a fantastic game and well worth 5 of your hard earned pounds.

They had a few others which were reasonably priced, but you can get them cheaper online if only by a pound or two.

They had:

Bad Company - £15 (a few pence dearer than the cheapest online price!)
Too Human - £15
Soul Calibur 4 - £20
Midnight Club Los Angeles - £20 (Just in the normal section)


Store specific, none at my local branches but thanks for naming your store.

Non in stock near me ( Leeds area ) according to Sainsburys. :cry:

None in Sheffield.

Good if you can get it.

None in Belfast (hollywood exchange). Was in this morning.
Though none of the instore bargains posted here ever seem to be in stock for me.

none in newry...

None in Altrincham.

How many left in Braehead?

Original Poster

Think there was about 2 left this morning. They still had quite a few copies of Bad Company and Soul Calibur.

how do you check stock....? online


None in Derby,Burton,Swadlincote,Ashby,Tutbury,Hilton.

Funny thing is, if Colin McRae were a deceased actor, his films would be going for loads more than a fiver.


misread the title mentally omitted the x before xbox, dirty mind or what?

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