Coline 1.5-Litre Stainless steel Rice Cooker £12.99@clas ohlson instore

Coline 1.5-Litre Stainless steel Rice Cooker £12.99@clas ohlson instore

Found 27th Apr 2010
Cheap but classy Stainless steel with glass lid. Internal graded aluminium pot with non-stick coating. Keep-warm function. Capacity: 1.5 litres. 500 W/230 V.
Article number 18-4021
cook rice like at the Chinese as it's like a small version of what they use in Chinese takeaways/restaurants.

This has gone back down to its pre xmas price. i bought one for myself and got one for a friend for xmas, she loves it and uses it all the time:)

Save lots of money when buying takeaways by buying dishes only and cooking your own rice. Boil rice can cost £1.50 upwards per serving.

I use my rice cooker as a steamer too. so quite versatile.

Clas Ohlson stores:

Leeds (2010-04-30)
Liverpool (2010-04-29)
London - Croydon
London - Kingston
Manchester - Arndale centre

Leeds and Liverpool stores opening in a few days:)
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Hi, I bought this rice cooker too but it came with no instructions, could you please quickly tell me how to use it and save me a trip back to the shop?

many thanks

Hi steph, yr ricecooker should come with a plastic measuring cup, a metal pot that sits inside the rice cooker. This pots has measurement markers inside like the number of cups n litres on the other side. The cup markers of the pot relate to the number of cups of rice u put in. Therefore if u put two cups of rice in you will fill the water to the 2cups marker of the pot. (1cup = approx 1person rice(rice expands approx 3x in volume when cooked)
if cooking for 2 people:
1. Remove pot and add 2cups of rice (I prefer long grain).
2. Wash and drain twice.
3. Level rice with hand and fill water to the two cup marker.
4. Dry the sides and base of the pot and put it back into the ricecooker, put lid on.
5. Plug the cooker to the mains and push down the cooker button
6. The rice will cook automatically n flicker to keep warm when done.
7. When serving remember to turn it off at mains.

If too moist add a little less water next time and if too dry add a little more next time.
Happy cooking
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