Collateral: 2dvd only £2.99 delivered @ HMV! + Quidco
Collateral: 2dvd only £2.99 delivered @ HMV! + Quidco

Collateral: 2dvd only £2.99 delivered @ HMV! + Quidco

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Jamie Foxx plays Max, a Los Angeles cab driver who has a pretty wild night in this thriller from Michael Mann (HEAT, THE INSIDER). First, Max picks up, flirts with, and gets the number of Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith), an attractive District attorney. Next, Vincent (Tom Cruise) climbs into his cab. He is a professional hit man who reserves Max for the night with a whole shopping list of victims he needs to visit. As the night moves forward and the body count rises, Max must wrestle with the question of how to do the right thing while staying alive. Gradually the two men bond in unlikely ways, as each learns survival mechanisms from the other, and it all doubles as a metaphor for morality vs. capitalism. Mark Ruffalo and Peter Berg play cops who eventually get on Max and Vincent's trail, leading to a spectacular action set piece inside a night club. Irma P. Hall (2004's THE LADYKILLERS) gets laughs as Max's hospitalized momma, and Javier Bardem (BEFORE NIGHT FALLS) is a sinister drug lord. With a capable director like Mann at the wheel, this remains a smooth, enjoyable ride while also being fast, bumpy, and full of twists and turns. The streets of urban, nighttime Los Angeles--captured via a specially modified digital camera--never looked so beautiful or desolate. As typical of the director, the film is both artistic and action-packed; operatically over-the-top while never skimping on the little details.


Good price for a great film cheers.
Heat and rep added.

Yes i agree, great movie.

Excellent film... voted hot.

Superb film, heat added!

Great film, heat added;)

One of my favourite films ever, and a fantastic price for the 2dvd version!

Awesome! Picked it up yesterday at HMV not knowing if it was cheap in comparison to other places or not, but my bargain-sense was a-tingling... good to see I made a good choice!!

Great movie, watched it the other night again for the only the 2nd time and had forgotten how good it is.

£3 in-store too.

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