Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar, 400grm for £2   @ Tesco
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Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar, 400grm for £2 @ Tesco

Posted 18th May 2011

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Tesco's are selling Colliers powerful welsh cheddar reduced from £3.37 down to £2. Better than their other offers of buy one get one free on 350 grm slabs which are £4.50 this week
The flavours much better as well.
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nice cheese, have some heat..
Thanks for posting
This is the best cheese in the world - will have to go tonight now
I love these cheese,, will def be going to get some. Thanks
Great cheese, ta.
good deal. love wales us. heat added
This is ideal for those that like sweaty-sock-like strong cheddar.

This is ideal for those that like sweaty-sock-like strong cheddar.

Yep, but they have taken the crunchy coal flavoured bit out of this batch

I love this cheese! Hot...
Da iawn diolch!
I love this cheese! HOT from me
this is one of the best cheddars i've had, shame it's not in every supermarket all the time, like the other wlll known cheddars like pilgrims choice and cathedral city, because this one is much nicer!

just a shame i dont really have a tesco nearby.. lol, wont be making a special trip just for this but if i happen to be near a tesco i will pop in for a few blocks.
The SEL was still full price at my local T yesterday but I knew it was on offer & had it price checked.
Have to agree this is delish gum burning cheese.
This is a good deal and my favourite strong cheddar at the moment. However, once this deal expires Aldi always sell the 500g version of this cheese for £2.99 which is much better value than the normal price of the Tesco 400g one which is £3.37 (works out about £4.20 for 500g).
This is a great cheese, I buy it loose from my local butcher as it is always a lot cheaper than the Tesco price and not pre packed
Haven't tried this one but their butter is my favourite. Heat.
Nice find. Cracking cheese.
Powerful cheese? Is it 2.8 injection, or maybe has a warp engine?:p
Best pre-packed cheddar there is, works well in any situation where cheese is the answer. Quite happily pay full price for this every other week. Gonna buy a month's worth.
Smell my Cheese

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good price
Fantastic cheese, lovely flavour. Great price for this. Heat.
Cheddar doesn't get much better than this! This is the only prepacked cheddar I would happily pay full price for - indeed I'm used to paying £3.49 at my localMorrisons so this is an absolute bargain!
typical Tesco
the space they have reserved for this offer is tiny compared to the other cheeses on sale hence none in stock.
i have noticed this quite often at my tesco extra, there is probably enough space for maybe 10 packs of this yet next to it is the expensive stuff with space for 500
This really is the best pre-packed cheddar cheese you can get. It tastes very similar to another posh welsh cheddar with black wax exterior called 'black bomber' that is to die for, but quite expensive. This is an amazingly good substitute - i just wish it was available more widely. Great price though!
As stated by someone else earlier, my Tesco had one very small section for it (one block wide!) and they had all gone. No end ailse promotions like all the other stuff, just enough space for maybe a dozen packs in total.
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