Colmans Carbonara Pasta Pots  4 x for only £1 at Farmfoods

Colmans Carbonara Pasta Pots 4 x for only £1 at Farmfoods

Found 1st Nov 2014
Went into my Local Farmfoods in Burslem Stoke on Trent and they are selling Colmans Carbonara Pasta Pots at 4 for £1. No idea if this is store specific or National Sorry.

Great alternative to Hot Poodle (Pot noodle) :-)


Looks like a good deal. Anyone tried them?

The food police will be along soon talking about nutritional values and how they wouldn't feed this to their dogs. Great for students or fussy teenagers and I'll take one of these in the winter for lunch over a shop bought cheese sandwich any day. 4 for a quid is a deal. Heat

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Tries one last night.. not bad at all for a snack. Stuck some in my food stash at work
ps. BBE June 2015

The brown packagin puts me off it

Anyone know how many calories per pot? I like to keep stuf like this as work as something quick to have.

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Brilliant for a Work snack... the size is similar to the pot noodle and these Pasta Pots have 370Kcal per pot

Good deal. Don't like carbonara myself but voted hot

These are in my local to blackpool

Feed the family for £4. Brilliant!


The brown packagin puts me off it

Wear some tinted shades.

bought x10

Great snack!! Don't worry about the packaging great meal inside - Carbonara is delicious!! Fantastic product!!

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