Colmans Mint Sauce, 20p Asda Instore

Colmans Mint Sauce, 20p Asda Instore

Found 26th Feb 2011Made hot 26th Feb 2011
Was in my local Asda tonight and they had this classic mint sauce for only 20p! Normal price £1.24

Use by date not until November 2011 so plenty life in it yet. Might just be my local though it wasn't reduced or anything just 20p on the shelf so maybe other stores might have it?

I use it in cooking, 2p dearer than the smartprice version can't be bad!


2p dearer but a hell of a lot nicer!

A real bargain. Well spotted!

sounds like a clearance line at that price, i'd stock up if I were you, or you might be stuck with the own brand cack
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Just need a lamb now

Mint price!!!

Has anyone ever had real mint sauce. So easy to grow,you will never buy a jar again after trying the real stuff.

Mmmmmmm. Mint sauce and roast dinner. Better than sex.

Also tasty poured over a hot pork pie and mushy peas for a cheap meal.
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