Colman's Vegetable Pasta Bake Mix (50g)  3 pence *INSTORE* @ Tesco

Colman's Vegetable Pasta Bake Mix (50g) 3 pence *INSTORE* @ Tesco

Found 27th Sep 2010
Ok, so it's a dry powder mix, but a cheap enough for a hearty meal. Just add pasta, veg, milk and cheese. - YUMM! Was 15p instore yesterday. Still got loads on shelf. Maybe not nationwide? Having a veggie wife, she's gonna love 'em! Long expiry date too. It's 77p in Sainsbury's.


These were 15p in Stafford last week, didn't get any though as they looked minging.

Although I did get some pouches of turkey gravy, down to 32p from £1.30 or so....

Why are these great offers never at my local Tesco:(

Its when they ditch stock, cheaper to just reduce it where it still is than transport it around I suppose. I often see empty spaces for the deals at mine, but rarely see the actual items!
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