Color Binoculars, A Microsoft Garage Project - Free Download @ iTunes

Color Binoculars, A Microsoft Garage Project - Free Download @ iTunes

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Found 14th Nov 2016
Looks like a brill little app and help all those that are colour blind

Say hello to Color Binoculars, the app that helps color blind individuals distinguish colors in their everyday lives. Using your iPhone’s camera, Color Binoculars adjusts the colors that you see to replace difficult color combinations, like red and green, with more easily distinguishable combinations, like pink and green. Color Binoculars supports all three common forms of color blindness. Whether it’s picking out flowers for a loved one, experiencing the beauty of nature, or choosing matching clothes for your outfit, let Color Binoculars help you take a better look at the world.

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I don't think this is available on the UK App Store. Link goes to the US one and I can't find it via search.
Wow, this is a great idea.
I always wanted a pink car, so now all I have to do is wear these binoculars & I will have a pink car.
Keep up the good work MS.
Edited by: "balmots" 14th Nov 2016
Only available in the US App Store
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