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Coloroll memory foam mattress - single £79.99 double £99.99 Poundstretcher
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Coloroll memory foam mattress - single £79.99 double £99.99 Poundstretcher

Posted 31st Mar 2013

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Saw this in my local poundstretcher yesterday - you can view details on the online product offers - it is 20cm thick - a good bargain for anyone wanting a cheap memory foam mattress
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these are awful, i brought 2 and had to return both!

these are awful, i brought 2 and had to return both!

Oh No! really? I was going to get these for my girls bedroom, couldn't see any ratings on this brand so wasn't sure on what they were like, thanks for your feedback
Wouldn't trust it to be proper memory foam (i.e. visco-elastic polyurethane foam), will likely go flat and useless within weeks.
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They have had these for a while now, I have 3, one used daily and 2 on spare beds. Everyone that's slept on them said they were very comfortable and the one used daily is not showing any signs of being 'flat or useless' after 6 months. I think mattress comfort is a very personal thing, memory foam is not to everyone's liking.

I think mattress comfort is a very personal thing.

This reminded me of a very important rule to follow when buying a mattress, and that is not to buy it until you have actually tried it.
You may get lucky and buy one that just happens to be right for you, but you could also end up wasting your money on a mattress that you not only find uncomfortable, but also one that causes you back pain rather than give you a good nights sleep.

Do poundstretcher happen to have a bed in store for people to try this out?
I bought a memory foam mattress some time ago, (not from poundstretcher tho) seemed ok when I tried it. But after laying on it for a while it warmed up with body heat then I sank. it was awful. i am only small and not very heavy. It got very hot too. I would never buy another one ever. better off with a firm mattress and a memory foam topper.

This would be ideal for the spare room for unwanted guests

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Has anyone had any problems with these expanding? I have bought 2 now (returned the first one) and still the second one won't flatten out from the fold from being packed in the box.
Has anyone had an issue with a massive lump in the middle of these I just bought it and it doesn't fit the bed and has about a 10 centimetre bump in the middle of it does this go away after 72 hours?
I did warn ppl these were awful, buyer beware these are cheap nasty and very uncomfortable.
We bought was for our daughter on Friday....we are still waiting for the large lump down the centre to go away...well over its 72hrs....do they flattern???
I bought one of these from pound stretcher. Sags when I lie on it and never returns to flat. Hate it
I bought one on Saturday and am still waiting for it still to expand to the size. Of a double Bed wot a waist of moneywot a scam and I have also gotta big lump in the middle of the mattress about 20cm an one end is still as flat as a pancake but glad 2 say it's goin back as I'm am not happy
I have also bought one of these being sold as factory seconds now and 'sold as seen' , we asked the sales assistant what was wrong with it and she told us a very slight fault. If I were to put it on the bed ( after 3 days of waiting for it to expand) it would be like sleeping on top of a camel. A quick check with trading standards informed me that because they are a business they are breaching consumers rights by saying sold as seen! Been back to the store and manager is not in until tomorrow so a quick photo taken of the illegal sign and will return tomorrow for a refund hopefully !
Just wondering if anyone has had the problem with the massive lump in the middle, have you been able to get it out? I brought it as sold as seen and the said no return

Please read my post - apparently they are breaching consumers rights by saying 'sold as seen' double check with your local trading standards. I have put my sons (double) underneath his old mattress so he now lies on 2 and the lump has gone down loads, unsure if it will go completely though. Hope this helps x
I contacted customer services a n I got my money refunded for the mattress if us contact them I'm sure they will be happy 2 Help
Anyone had any luck with the sold as seen non refunderble to store..

Now I not seen it as its in a box and if its non refunderble anyone get a exchange in goods.

Now also in my little box of tricks there was no fire tag and the plastic rapping was already ripped open.
Hi I contacted customer service an got a full refund for the mattress in the store an they weren't 2 happy about it in the store as the managers face was a picture wen customer services foned her to say to her
Yeah mines got a lump too! I need mountaineering gear to get over it!
does.anyone know how.to get the flipping thing back in the box when you take it back or just take it as it is
I brought 2 of these one for my son and one for myself and hubby, didn't use ours until April last year and already they have lost the memory, to late to take back now and get a refund - I will never buy another one of these what a waste of money £99,99 each should have known this was to good to be true. DO NOT BUY
having had to take 2 back to the shop the 3rd was ok but now its not even 2 years old and its got dips and bumps every where I wouldn't mind but neither myself or my partner are heavy or over weight
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