Colour Changing Egg Timer £1.00 @ Poundland
Colour Changing Egg Timer £1.00 @ Poundland

Colour Changing Egg Timer £1.00 @ Poundland

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First post so please be kind.

Saw these at the Pounland in Cardiff today
similar ones being sold at Lakeland for £5.99

By sensing the amount of heat that each egg is taking up, you can have several eggs in the same pan together with the Egg-Perfect and cook them for different lengths of time... All you have to do is look out for the moment Egg-Perfect changes colour!

Not bad for a pound.


Bought one of these a few weeks ago as they are a great idea, but unfortunatly they are rubbish, followed instructions and it told me that the eggs were ready but when I cut them open they were very rawish. IMO save your self a pound.

Welcome to Hotdeal

mine works fine so well worth the pound of course you will get the people who use the old tested method of a timer but this works great.... at least for us anyway.

Got one the other week, works very well

I'm loving the amount of innovation for £1

I paid about four times this price in Lakeland a few years ago, but still thought it was worth it so great bargain here.

Brilliant had one of these for years and they work really well. Just remember to put in pan at the same time as the eggs. (If after a few uses the timer becomes a bit clouded with limescale just rub it off with vinegar and it will look as good as new.) Top price.

very nice

Eggcellent deal

Bought at Mr Cheap in Portsmouth for £1 - HOT

deal top deal

Use it as a mini paperweight, it's rubbish. I bought two and neither works properly.

bought one off flea bay for a fiver-worked well, then saw them in pondland and bought some more-all work really well--gave them to daughter , sister and friend after testing them!
found them to cook perfect eggs everytime-whatever size the eggs were.

Saw something almost identical in Fortnum & Mason in London this weekend for £7... £1 sounds a bit more of a better deal to me!

Make eggcelent weapons of choice in a domestic argument. I threw it at my partners head, she stopped arguing and it was still intact and fully functional too. H+R.

these are the dogs BO***X
best quid ive spent
well worthit and they are fun too

no more feeling sick looking at egg timers !!

I got two of these from amazon a couple of weeks ago for 4 times that, darn! Hot deal OP

They work fine but fell apart in time. Now I am using original one with is much better made and I am sure it will last much longer.

I have 1 from poundland & think its great, no more watching the clock, just a peek in the saucepan

Yep, love mine too. I like my eggs hard boiled and used to boil them to within an inch of their life just to make sure. Now they are done perfectly and not rubbery lol.

Got to be worth a try for a £1 :thumbsup:

We bought an 'original' version of one of these for about £5 and bought a few of these for family (and us) a while ago, and they are poor imitations and arent a patch on the more pricer version.

The one in Lakeland lasted me years and worked perfect every time. Bought one in poundland and it's rubbish. Eggs weren't cooked properly. Waste of £1.

I've got one and totally love it. Paid more than this though so good bargain :w00t:


I've got one and totally love it. Paid more than this though so good … I've got one and totally love it. Paid more than this though so good bargain :w00t:

I think this is where people are going wrong. these £1 versions are inferior to the more expensive ones. these are useless.

i am such a bad cook....cant boil an egg wihout mine !
Great for guy like me who like thier eggs ...just right !

bought mine, from Lakeland years ago. very happy with it, works well. Only downside is living in very hard water area, limescale can be bit of bother.

great deal for £1 !!:thumbsup:

seems these might not be equal to the Lakeland ones, so can only vouch for my more expensvie one! No Poundland anywhere near to test this out, sorry!


What, her head?:w00t:Thank goodness for that.

Both, Making this meet all Health and Safety requirements.
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