Colour Changing Funky Bath Time Ducks £7.90 Or Less Delivered!

Colour Changing Funky Bath Time Ducks £7.90 Or Less Delivered!

Found 16th Nov 2006
To get these two funky colour changing bath time ducks for just £7.90 including delivery: Add this AG 13 Batteries 1.5 Volt for £1 [or something to make the order £10 or more]. Use the £5 discount code: TGSVCH543e11 [or another from the voucher section] to get the above price. Buy through QuidCo for 10% in cashback, or use the direct link opposite...

Magical Colour Changing Ducks: These Funky Ducks have colour changing aurora technology to liven up your bath time. Introducing Flotsam & Jetsam, the colour changing Funky Ducks!


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[COLOR=darkred]Make Bath Time Magical with the Colour Changing Ducks[/COLOR]

Sometimes you want to lie back in the bath surrounded by candles and sipping a glass of wine, but be honest - sometimes you just want to have some fun! Do you remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait to splash around with your bath toys at bath time? Well, why not get back to the good old days with these brilliant Funky Colour Changing Floating Ducks!
Liven up your bathroom with Flotsam and Jetsam, the colour changing ducks. When it comes to bath ducks, they're the cream of the crop! They're not just for kids - even grown ups will want to have more baths when they've got these floating friends lighting up the bathroom. Using the latest aurora technology, the Funky Ducks change colour six times whilst they're floating through the bubbles, so let Flotsam and Jetsam bring a little colour to your bathroom - you'd be quackers not to!
These delightful ducks gently scroll through the six luminous ambient colours, so once you've had your fun, you can sit back and unwind as you watch them change.
[*]Product Dimensions: (H) 9.6cm x (W) 6.7cm x (D) 8 cm
[*]Box Dimensions: (H) 15cm x (W) 10.4cm x (D) 8.6cm
[*]Package Weight: 198g
[*]Power Requirements: 4 x CR2032 (Included). [COLOR=#810081]Why not get some spares?[/COLOR][/LIST]

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