Colour changing umbrella £3.99 in b&m

Colour changing umbrella £3.99 in b&m

LocalFound 13th Feb 2015
colour changing umbrella found instore for £3.99
Printed with special ink which changes from white to a colourful rainbow after contact with water
Tradtional stick telescope umbrella design
Add some colour to a cloudy day!
Dimensions when fully open: Dia.100 x H56cm
Height of arc: 23cm

john lewis are selling same umbrella for £25…833
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Hope they got these in my local
They have these in Hull store. What is the point? You don't use the umbrella when it's not raining so it's always the bright 'colour change' colours.
Sounds cool! Would be great to see one out in the streets.
Now that IS tacky!
Have to echo poster #2 here - you only get then out when it rains so... it'll always be colourful. That said, 4 quid for a decent umbrella is a good price, and I do like gimmicks. Hot from me.
nice post op, ignore the miserable gits on here!
The point is this umbrella is white,will change colour when it's rained on.nice idea.
Just take it out when it's dry if you want a white umbrella! Heat added OP!
I thought you only get a rainbow when the sun is out too (_;)
South shields store has these in a basket at the front door.
This seems rather pointless - you're only going to use the umbrella whilst raining so it will always be rainbow - just buy a rainbow one!
Some people do use umbrella when it's dry, to block UV on sunny days! But that's usually in hot tropic areas of the world...
Hi how can I buy this umbrella online please
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