Colour Match toilet seat at Argos £12.99 or £15.00 for 2

Colour Match toilet seat at Argos £12.99 or £15.00 for 2

Found 23rd Feb 2017
Needed to replace a toilet seat and thought this was a pretty good offer. Colour Match seats, currently £12.99 each or 2 for £15.00
Reviews are good, plenty of colours to choose from
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They only had brown ones at my store.

I'm not sure what they would match?
This deal stinks.
I had one of these just over a year ago. The silver finish on the hinges just started flaking off and peeling away. Wouldn't recommend.

Either that or someone had paint peeling farts / was crapping glitter.
Colour Match ?

Erm one in brown please...
I bought some of these for my bathrooms. They are extremely poor. Hinges have more slop than a pig's restaurant. Really poor and not worth wasting money on.
These are very poor quality
more money down the pan
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